Baloch Human Rights Organization arranges rally on Human Rights day

By Bashir Ahmed Ijbadi

10th December is observed internationally as Human Rights day. In Balochistan, on this day Baloch HumanBHRO Rights Organization arranged rally against human rights abuses in Balochistan mainly against Baloch civilian and political workers. A large number of people participated in rally including a portion of females and children with males. Participants were holding place-cards, banners and photos of missing and martyred Balochs. Place-cards and banners were inscribed with demands from Human Rights Organizations and United Nation to take action against Pakistan for Human Rights violations in Balochistan. In front of Quetta press club speakers delivered speeches to gathering, where rally participants were gathered.

They said, “Our rally means to bring in notice of civilized world the oppressions on Baloch. This nation is being grim oppressed, facing savage tyrannies, and cruelties are laid in Balochistan on Baloch which are the worst than Changez Khan, Halako Khan and Hitlor’s offenses against humanity.”

The speaker said, “according to Human Rights Declaration Article 5, No one can be sentenced physically or cruelly, dealt low than humanism values, degraded, humiliated. Article 9 tells; no one can be arrested willfully without any reason or can be banished.”

In article 15 it is mentioned that state Confers to everyone the right of citizenship and article 4, says that Enforced Disappearance fells in army laws circle and sentence-able offence”, said the speaker.

On 13th August 2012, the international day of Enforced Disappearance the United Nation Commission for Human Right Group officials released a statement, “Enforced Disappearance is not only a guilt but it is against humanism. Such act is unacceptable and non-tolerate-table whether it has been taken to counter terrorism or suppressing legitimate up-voiced”.

“Baloch Nation doesn’t have any right of UN declarations and it is being coerced on its own legitimate land. The bombardment, throwing of mutilated bodies of Baloch youth, students, political workers, is being perpetrated by state institutes”, said speakers.

From 2001 to date, more than 14000 Balochs have been arrested by forces from bazaars, educational institutes, passenger vehicles, and other venues, afterward they were disappeared, and among them a number of children and women. Till July, 2010 about 600 tortured dead bodies have been recovered and Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, American Foreign Department, UN Commission for Human Rights, Asian Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Supreme Court of Pakistan and Pakistan Parliament also admitted these incidents and about these facts video footage including other evidences have been brought in front of world. Supreme Court albeit possessing all evidences, is disables to take action against security institutes, even it is backing them and is conducting fake hearings to wink hood in eyes of world about misdeeds of state apparatuses.

On other hand United Nation Commission for Human Rights is limited till statements and concerns, it never took practical initiatives. The Missing person relatives for two years prolong protest is solid evidence against charter of United Nation.

On 15th October, 2012, United Nation working group visited Balochistan and from this among Missing Baloch families a ray of hope roused that this organization would perform it due role for release of their endeared and stop ongoing persecution series on Baloch Nation.

Baloch political parties and organizations had provided all required information, data and evidences about missing 14000 Baloch and (WEDG) also affirmed these facts, but it hasn’t took practical initiatives. After visit of working group many Baloch, like Nawab Jan Baloch, Fida Jan, Umar Jan, Akhter Jan and others have been abducted and several have been martyred, like Haq Nawaz Bugti, Allah Rahim, Aslam Dagazai, Hakeem Baloch, Moula Bakhsh, Rasool Bukhsh and  Faras Baloch had  been martyred. Speakers told.

Further speakers told, “This year December 10th is being marked for Human Rights globally, and United Nation High Commission even being well aware of Baluchistan’s situations is keeping quiet. International Human Rights Organizations and United Nation silence about Pakistan is propelling to think about them they are also equally persecutor on Baloch for not interfering in matter! We appeal to civilized people of world that up-voice against persecutions on us, and play their role for stoppage of these tyrannies.


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