BHRO Protest against Mashkey operation

By Bashir Ahmed Ijbari

Activists of BHRO gathered a rally Against Maskey operation in front of Quetta press club. The activistsBHRO 1 delivered speeches to the rally participant and said, “Security forces have besieged village of ‘Mahi’ and launched operation, with a large number of helicopters. Vehicles of forces have cordoned-off the entire population including children and women prosecuted worst. Because of bombardment hundreds of children and women martyred, whilst hundreds have been abducted”, Speakers informed.

The ‘Mahi’ village houses had been blown by blasts with dynamite, and due to aerial bombardment the 200 houses township completely demolished. Fields set on fire, 18 people have been murdered and frontier corps admitted for these as separatist’s camps, but those entire dead persons were reported armless and  majority of them were children and women. Speakers blamed.

“Apart from this, security forces surround the areas of Awaran, like Tartej, Bedi, and Awaran Bazar is also cordoned-off, the population is being prosecuted. In Awaran Bazar, after looting several shops was set fire and six people were abducted”, Speakers blamed.

Speaker criticizing way said, “On this occasion the silence of media is meaningful. The ruined scenes of Baloch areas are being ignored by media; the huge destruction is wholly invisible to media. The silence of international organizations is also doubtful”, they said.


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