Bullet riddled bodies invigorating Baloch Movement

By Sharri Otaag Kolwai

A great saying of Ernest Miller Hemingway, “Man can be destroyed, but not defeated”. It is an established fact; in every freedom movement bullet riddled bodies have played a glorious role. We are studying as well as observing about all freedom movements of the world; there the corridor of powers used every sort of brutalities against those nations who have upraised slogan against the occupants.

Throwing of bullet riddled bodies have become norms of the day in a unprecedented way. Countless innocent Balochs have been abducted by state agencies from their homes also on the way of journey. Thousands of Baloch youth are still bearing the torture and brutality of state Agencies. About 500 mutilated bodies have been thrown in mountains and unknown places during the two years, they could not be identified by their relatives. So it is wholly obvious, they never accepted the defeat and their ideas and opinion cannot be changed by establishment.

“In SAHKANDIN” the great Balochi poet Atta Shad also said familiar words in categorically, “A people’s spirit cannot be destroyed by killings; Consciousness cannot be snatched away by death; it is everlasting, ever vigorous, like overwhelming love and affection.

Here in Pakistan, Baloch nation is being treated like animals, but animals also have great value in advance countries. The callous attitude of state brought a huge gap between Baloch nation and state, and it is also become clear, further Baloch Nation will not be the part of same unlawful and inhumane country.

We have every sort of natural resources, but they all are being exploited by establishment, but in share we are receiving tortured bodies. The only sin of Baloch Nation is that they are struggling for independent (United Balochistan). If everyone wants to be free in his way and can express his thoughts in a free manner. We are realistic and scholar and love every human, has no desire to trouble any one. We are fighting with a scientific method.

Since the occupation, Baloch nation is fighting against establishment bravely. No doubt since occupation  all sorts of state brutalities have been laid on Baloch Nation, but after the death of martyrdom of   nationalist Akhbar khan Bugti, the state attitude has utterly changed toward Baloch Nation. On the other hand our freedom movement also adopted another brighten shape.

The rate of abduction is rapidly being increased day by day. Here not only Baloch nation is observing the hardship of state, minorities are also under the state brutality, such as Hindus, Christian so on.  On the other side, the untiring efforts of Baloch nation have weakened the establishment as physically and mentally. It is right to say that, several our beloved have been snatched from us, but their struggle gave a glorious name to our goal. By virtue of their mutilated bodies our freedom movement is acknowledged all over the world.

Missing persons issue has become a hot issue in this country, especially in Balochistan people are being kidnapped and disappear without any judicial investigation. 14000 innocents Baloch are disappeared at the time; the protest camp of Baloch Missing Persons has crossed 1000 days constant strike. Owing to the day and night struggle of Mama Abdul Qadeer a UN four member team also visited Balochistan and interacted with  the families of missing persons and collected  information about the unlawful abduction of Baloch youth.

A congressional resolution also passed by American Congress leader that Baloch Nation should be given self rule, so it is an enormous achievement by dint of bullet riddled and Human Rights Violation against Baloch.


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  1. wa shari ji……………… nice marvalous……………. superb…………..

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