Colonialism, a practice of supremacy, involves the suppression of one person by another. The term colony is derived from a Latin word ‘colonus’, means farmer.

It can be said that colonialism is the synonyms of imperialism, further ‘Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy depicts ‘the theory of colonialism appearances ancient the progression of European settlement and political control over the world, including Americans, Australian and other parts of Africa to Asia. It circles the discrepancy between colonialism and imperialism and states that given the difficulty and consistently distinguishing between the two terms. This entry will use colonialism as a broad concept that refers to the project of European political domination from the sixteenth to the twentieth century that ended the national liberation movements of the 1960.

Colonialism is divided into two parts.

1. Settler Colonialism: the colonists transfer his population to a new territory, where the arrivals lived as permanent, settlers and in the same manner military force defend the settlers from guerrilla commanders. Anyhow, typical example is that colonialism frequently used to describe the settlement of North America, Australia, New Zealand, Algeria and Brazil places that were controlled by a large population of European residents.

2. Exploitation Colonialism: Newly the colonists subjugated natural resources of the territory and settled their population for self interests. However, Faranza Feenan says, “The population being seen in two parts the colonies lived as luxurious lifespan and the second one lived as poverty.” Furthermore, Ashfarq Saleem Merza in his book “Colonialism and Democracy” mentioned that being ancient the history of colonialism which set up colonies from Greeks and did Romans as well in 17th century BC for the purpose of being able to control over the rest of the countries settled large numbers of their population in territory permanently and passage of time England, France and Holland dominated and sustained colonies between 16th and 17th centuries. On the other hand, the fact of the matter is that in 1884, French army had taken over the control of Vietnam and made it a colony and the poor farmers were threatened to pay the tax and the hard work labors were forced to work in the factories without wages to fulfilling their  fundamental required things, which should not be ignored is that, the military handling of Vietnam was pushing the nationalists into the aggressor for  the independence of their brutal mother land , they put a big stone on their heart and made an organization, but unfortunately , the brutal military force of French destroyed it thoroughly for the independence of their country. The fact is that the cruelty and harmful situation of Vietnam forced the lion hearted teacher, Negoven Thahi Hok established an organization namely Vietnam Fok Dang, so as to get independence. They fought whole heartedly efforts against the military force around the clock. Unluckily, the ruthless French force destroyed the organization of Vietnam harmfully arrested the brave leaders with eleven associates, and they were beheaded by the help of drill machines. Likewise, in 1954 the guerilla associates made the head of Vietnamese people spin in the entire world to defeated French army and 12000, French army were arrested. Finally, on 20th July 1954 the insurgents declared ceasefire and Vietnam was divided into South Vietnam and North Vietnam temporary and North Vietnam government established by Hachi Mhon, but South Vietnam once again remained under the slavery of occupier American.

It is widely known to everyone that the imperialist Pakistan annexed sovereign Balochistan illegally on 27th of March of 1948 and made it colony, in the same way colonist settled military forces  and its people in a large scale in every nook and corner of territory. On the other hand, took over the control of mineral rich areas, therefore, the commandant prince Agha Abdul Karim started first resistance on 15th of April 1948, against colonists in order to struggle for regaining independence. Anyhow, including this insurgency four insurgencies have been witnessed in Balochistan; in 1948, 1958, 1962 and 1973 also four military operations were practiced. So, from 1988 to 2000 the insurgency was stopped for a short while and at the very beginning of 21st century, with modern shapes and it is continuingly going towards success. This insurgency backed by separatists operating under different names including the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), BRA, and BLF.

The practice of abducting and dumping of Baloch students, teachers, national activists and common people as well started from Musharraf’s regime in 2005 continuously is being practiced on Baloch activists and the lionhearted mothers of them receiving bullet riddled and decomposed bodies in the outskirts of different cities on a daily basis as gifts. But the Baloch freedom fighters are defeating her army and FC forces constantly without any doubt. Today the voice of Baloch has reached the entire world due to their struggle and the separatists have reached the point of no returned, it was said by Sadar Mengal. Now Baloch are ready to accept death happily, but not Pakistan at all. Thus, colonialism waged between 16th and 17th centuries and it is still sustained constantly in some countries such as Pakistan, America, India, Israel and Iran. The fact is that, peace won’t exist in the world until colonialism is eradicated across the world.


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