Counter revolutionaries collaborate to weaken Movement: BSO-Azad

By Bashir Ahmed Ijbari

Baloch Student Organization (Azad) central representative released a statement. In organization statement itbso-azad has been said that counter revolutionary parties, like BNP-M, NP, and BNP-A have worked to prolong occupation on Baloch and in state election season their alliance is evidence of this debate. Earlier than election, these mentioned have parties escalated counter process with collaboration of establishment to weaken freedom movement.

Balochistan National Party (Mengal) in ravenousness of incentives and other means has produced ambiguous slogan to abate intensity of freedom movement among masses and it is spreading confusions in folds struggle, hence it has known that all these are countering tactics and nothing else. People have known all collusions of these parties with occupant and now these have paced-up on assigned task by state to create impediments in the way of struggle.

BSO spokes person further said that BNP-M, NP and BNP-A are involved in wrongful deeds as equally state against Baloch. Grown politician by state and tomcat always worked on Baloch to accept slavery instead of preparing nation for freedom, such politician are doing so merely gain of incentives, and in this way the sense of slavery getting demised in nation and slavery is being converted into sense of deprivation. Baloch Nation have identified their friend and foes, hence BNP-M, NP and BNP-A are guised Baloch but these are counter-revolutionary. Baloch genuine problem is slavery, not sense of deprivation, and salvation of this malady is only freedom, which only can be gained by armed struggle, never parliament or other any institute can provide it. Whereas BNP-M, NP, and BNP-A are counter-revolutionary parties are merely in sake of parliament seats, emitting sense of deprivation perception and ignoring genuine problem means National Slavery. But Baloch Nation has devoted lives for freedom and they are paying life sacrifices consistently, as well as are enduring in torture cells. These hardships have provided ideology to Baloch Nation and generated spirit for emancipation, to which this state tout never can extinguish.


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