I am Sorry My Dear Child Vajinti

By Veengas

I don’t know why I am writing today and for whom I am writing? Once again I looked pictures of little Vajinti.Veengas On 2ndDecember 2012 she was raped that time she was 6 years Old. What should I write on her? Oh, should I ask queen of justice that Please take her suo motu as Bina Shah Writer/Columnist asked that where is her suo Motu?

 As I know very well attitude of Justice towards Hindu Girls from Rinkle Kumari to now Vajinti, not only this let me write attitude of Justice towards Poorest people of this land.

I am recalling that when I was a child, one man always brought picture-Film and we all family children ran for looking that Picutre-Film, though people never talked or walked within few minutes Picture-Movie ended. Then, Children used to ask him, why your movie ended in Minutes and man replied Oh, This is Picture-Movie.  And My Mother told about it that Picture-Movie is not a real it is just photo gallery which called Picture-Movie.

Sometimes I strongly feel that queen of Justice is the partner of richest people and Human Rights are like Picture-Film for poor people.

Same as Poor people are being looked Human Rights-Picture-Movie that is not real and it seems to be fooled people in the name of Justice and Slogans of Human Rights.

 If I am wrong, show me how many organizations have come out and up voice against forced conversion or this little child Vajinti?

It could be two reasons that Our Human Rights Orgs. Have not come out because they have not heard voice of Vajinti or poorest people are not important? Probably they are very busy.

While writing I am recollecting words of poor lady who told me that my daughter “We are Poor, and we don’t have any support. We are sent in the world for death.” These things Dreams and Rights are not related with us.”  I cannot forget that Lady and Sorrows in her eyes.

Beautiful world of Books and History tell me, look, you will have one day heaven on the earth and all people will be lived equal. When I open door of home, I see this world is not as Books and History told.

All people have own psychological approaches and class status complex. They wanted to see Equal society but remained aloof from poor people. Just Drama…!

Well come back on Vajinti.

Vajinti was raped. It is not a Joke for a while did you think how her psychology turns into shape? How would she walk in society? Has she forgotten horrible incident or will she be able to forget that rape-incident?

Result of DNA Test is about to come. Question is, will DNA Test be based on honest result? As one essential source shared with me that we have doubts in DNA Test because result can be changed as we know our sytem. Other Source shared that a man who has arrested Rano Mallah, he is not actual culprit even Police and Hashim Mungrio forced at him for admitting crime. WE are asking for Fair investigation.  Official source un-named told me that this case has turned into politics and you and I, we all know what will happen when cases get ribbon of politics.   So far, let’s see what is going to be happened with Vajinti Case?

So, the file of Vajinti’s Case will be closed with ribbon of politics?

A State that has independent Media but they have no time of Vajinti case, A State that has Human Rights but No single human rights for Vajinti  and A State, has independent Judiciary that is more powerful than Parliament even Judiciary has no time for taking suo moto for our little baby Vajinti.

My Dear child Vajinti,

I am sorry we are unable to do anything for you. We can write and colour the blink pages, yes we put our thoughts on pages but our writings cannot be shaken big people. They are biggest people; it will take time to look at us as we are smallest people.

You are living in a State, it has all system which is required for any state but it has no time for us (Vajinti).

Sorry Vajinti, we are failed to give you flower of justice that a flower of justice can be given smile on your face. Ahhh, we have not given single smile to a child who was raped and now living in pain. But we are claiming that we will bring change.  Whom we are making fool?

Look, at Vajinti this is not a single case but this case gives message us that Injustice is walking in the society freely and no one can punish it.

Therefore, let’s go and see picture-movie of Justice and Human Rights, it will be ended in minutes and in last your hands remain Empty.  Temporary Joys can’t fill place of real joys.

And Vajinti needs real joys of Justice.


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