By Pirah Mangi

pirahIt is not new to the history of Pakistan that Sindh and Balochistan has been subject of ignorance to the government and this intensity of ignorance is majorly political that affects the economic and social issues of both victimized provinces.

Nevertheless, the perpetual phenomenon of ignorance of government, national and international organizations and media takes innocent lives to the door of death, in Sindh. Since couple of weeks, more than 140 children have been dying of measles epidemic in the different areas of Sindh namely Sukkur, Ghotki, Shikarpur, Sanghar, Jacobabad, and Badin; most gravely affected area is Sukkur.

This is happening due to the recklessness of Health Department in Sindh meanwhile Health Department seems proving itself as insufficient, incapable, and ineffective to combat the contagious disease (Measles). Every day another child, aged two to ten, is saying good bye to the world; however, no one is there holding authority to listen to the dying children’s cry and come forward to help them yet. Above said affected areas are under the vulnerability of measles, there areas also have been affected by heavy flood in the history of Pakistan.

Since the heavy-hit of flood to these areas, numbers of ponds, filled with flood and rain water, are there and itsmeales child nature of remaining stagnant for months is engendering the various epidemics of malignant diseases in the respective areas. The flood affected families are still living under the open sky; they are destitute of drinking water, food, clothing and shelter. Neither the world humanitarian agency nor government of Pakistan heed to these ignorant people’s basic needs of survival. Though the world agencies of UNOs have been working in the various villages and cities of Pakistan but they are absent where life is at danger.

In the affected areas, by measles, in Sindh, no world organization is there which could possibly have saved even a single life, out of 140 lives. In addition to the attitude of ignorance, government has proved itself utterly failure to deploy medical staff, vaccines, medicines and medical equipments there. Diseased children are deprived to get immediate vaccine, no doctor and other medical staff is available there to check the affectees up.

Health department has left innocent lives at their own conditions. Flood affected children are too victims of epidemics of measles whereas their parents are not capable enough to take their children to down town for having better treatment, at hospitals. They are financially very poor and living in misery without having basic needs of human survival.

The story of ignorant children is also ignored by media in Pakistan except regional channels and newspapers that have been narrating it, through the Urdu and English electronic and print media as do behave as health department does in Sindh. The same media shrieks when a girl is injured by Taliban and media holders chant slogan of humanitarian values and when Imran Khan (TTP) and Nawaz Sharif (PML-N) are found talking frivolous against their opponents and media comes forward to join their conspiratory politics but when more than hundred children cry for their life in Sindh, this media slumbers in the lap of aversion.

It is quite marveling moment to meet such ignorant attitude of media and government, in Pakistan, to those innocent children. How would someone’s heart react seeing child at the door of death and waiting for the opening of that door? One must heart rend when you find such influx ratio of death of future whereas no authority is there who possesses heart of human being.

Media and civil society (so-called) often come up with slogan of human rights however when such similar incidents use to be happened in Sindh; where are they who claim themselves to be adherent of human rights. Everyday a human-baby is going to be no more in this universe, due to the affects of rampant measles, needs our help. If we think that we are still unable to save them, at least we take them to those who can possibly save them. Presently almost thousand children are under the threats of measles. These children are required for immediate treatment and quick vaccination.

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