International world can intervene in Libya and Sudan but why can’t in Balochistan…?

2012 Report about Balochistan plight by Baloch National Voice

Baloch National Voice appealed for swift intervention in Balochistan by gross Human Right violations by Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies to suppress legitimate National Freedom Struggle of Baloch.  The Baloch National Voice has released a report with this title of “If in Libya and Sudan intervention is possible, then why not in Balochistan…?”

According to report 470 mutilated bodies of abducted Balochs have been found beyond the July 2010. Whilst in throughout Balochistan in military operations, at hands of state institute by targeted killing thousands   of civilian Baloch lost their lives, erstwhile the series of disappearing instead of abating is lifting up with each passing day as like in spent year 2012.

In 2010, only in six months 63, previous year 297 and during 2012, 110 missing Balochs’s mutilated bodies were found from Balochistan wide. Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies involvement irrefutable reports about abduction, killing during detention and Baloch genocide are common. State forces and agencies abduct to people first, and then throw their mutilated bodies in deserted areas, which are verified by Human Rights Organization, victim families, eye witnesses, Political Parties, Civil Societies, trustworthy sources, authenticated media reports and collected facts and information by help of Baloch masses. The thrown mutilated bodies have signs of severe torture which are indescribable. During detention BSO-Azad, Baloch National Movement, Baloch Watan Movement, BRP and other Pro-Independent Parties workers, leaders, advocate, literate, writer, student, civilian and sphere of life Baloch are missing or martyred by state forces or state institutes. The victim Balochs are belonging each district of Balochistan. During 2012 martyred Balochs details are given as:

Babu Saleem Kurd Mach Bolan, Wazir Khan Marri New Khahan Quetta, Mohammad Murad Baloch Allah Abad Hub, Abdul Salam Baloch Dera Allah Yar, Jameel Ahmed Baloch Turbat, Enayat Baloch Karachi, Khuda-e-Raheem Baloch Notal Dera Murad Jamali, Mohammad Ibrahim Baloch Noshki, Wazir Khan Marri Karachi, Mohammad Azeem Baloch Panjgoor, Munir Ahmed Baloch Panjgoor, Sana Sangat Baloch Khad Kucha Mastung, Saheed Ahmed Marri Margat, Haji Jan Mohammad Marri New Khahan Quetta, Bashkia Bugti Lesbela, Takkari Raheem Dad Nichari Dhadar, Mohammad Hussain Baloch Mungochar, Abdul Rahman Baloch Kech, Fateh Khan Marri Killi Kirani Quetta, Abdul Ghafar Bungulzai Bhaag, Zaheero Bugti Dera Bugti, Lamboo Bugti Dera Bugti, Mungal Bugti Dera Bugti, Raheem Bakhsh Bugti Dera Bugti, Ahmed Ali Baloch Karachi, Abdul Manan Pirkani Kanak Mastung, Baig Mohammad Raisani Kanak, Jhangir Baloch Sariab Quetta, Khan Mohammad (Khany) Marri New Khahan Quetta, Jhangir Bangulzai Podgili Chowk Quetta, Nadeem Ahmed Bangulzai Quetta, Nabi Bakhsh Baungulzai Quetta, Sona Khan Bangulzai Goli Maar Chowk Quetta, Mohammad Murad Marri Jhawo Awaran, Dil Murad/Dibar Marri Jhawo Awaran, Shah Zaman Pirkani Killi Jeo Quetta, Abdul Qudoos Mengal Khuzdar, Journalist Razaque Gull Turbat, Mohammad Khan Marri Quetta, Mohammad Nabi Marri Quetta, Shah Nawaz Marri Lesbela, Ali Mohammad Marri Rakni Bharkan, Mehar Ullah Baloch Hub Balochistan, Basheer Ahmed Baloch Khuzdar, Nisar Ahmed Baloch Gwadar, Kareem Din Pirkani Mastung, Mohammad Alim Mengal Soorab, Nadir Baloch Panjgoor, Adil Baloch Tump, Saif Ullah Baloch Quetta, Babo Jatak Mastung, Chalu Bugti Dera Bugti, Akhter Bugti Dera Bugti, Kamalo Bugti Dera Bugti, Samad Bilal Baloch Gwadar, Mohammad Yaqoob Baloch Gwadar, Jalal Khan Marri Bharkhan, Din Ali Marri Khoistan Marri, Lal Khan Marri Kohlu, Mir Khan Marri Kohlu, Qadir Bakhsh Marri Khoistan Marri, Hotak Marri Khoistan Marri, Mohammad Khan Sumalani Naal Khuzdar, Arsalan Bugti Mian Ghundi Quetta, Abdul Ghafoor Bugti Karachi, Murad Marri Karachi, Bhadur Khan Baloch Kharan Balochistan, Rasheed Mengal Ispeni Road Quetta and Hassan Langove Mungochar.

During detention thoses who were killed and thrown their responsibilities were claimed by those organizations which are attributed with state forces, and agencies, like “Sipha Shuhda-e-Balochistan”, “Nifaz-e-Aman Baochistan”, and so on. 470 bodies were  period in  two half years in such condition that cadavers were not able to identify them  due to innumerous of bullets on their continence or spraying acid on faces. Such bodies also found from desolated areas that carnivorous had cut-flash from corpse, but only skeleton were and could  be identified by shoes, cloths and style of killing that these relics are Baloch missing, not someone else.

It is pertinent to be discussed her that 90% bodies were of high educated, ideological, Philosophical and political ripped youth which is implying that occupant not only is frightened from gun of but worries from political voice which is up-rising from Baloch region.

Pakistani establishment by its crutches, mean media using power of heels even got failed to cover-up its misdeeds. Presently, Pakistan People Party is ruling and this party senators and other authorities time to time spoke-out that Pakistani security forces and its agencies are involved in abduction, killing and detention, of Baloch Youth during mass killing and it is  being practiced through a well composed plan to crush the ongoing succession movement in Balochistan.

Further inscribed in report that United Nation Human Rights Council Representatives in their brief statement while Amnesty International, Human Rights watch, Asian Human Rights Commission and other international organizations on several occasion have urged   Pakistan for playing a significant role about alarming human right violations in Balochistan Chapter. Baloch Nation considers the demands from Pakistan the atrophy and this act is negation of their existence and morality, because Pakistan doesn’t know civilization values and she proved this while United Nation team was on visit to Balochistan and that   harassed, hence it mentions that this state for her hysterical objectives achievement doesn’t care of any human value. During the visit of United Nation working Group, in deserted areas of Baloch seven mutilated bodies of missing Balochs were thrown. If peaceful protest would effect on this state institute, so on more than 1000 days prolong pacifist protest of voice for Baloch missing persons would release all missing Balochs. State institutes instead of releasing against the protesting relatives, escalated pace of throwing of mutilated bodies which is going on and on. Voice for Missing Baloch Person Chairman Nasur Ullah Baloch and Voice Chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch have received threat fatal loses.

Report entails that Pakistan Peoples’ Party’s so called democratic governance in its five years ruling period has defeated entire world in fields of political fraud, looting, Robbery, human rights violation, and sacrilege of human values. In Baloch Society, worst killer, corrupt and dishonest have been chosen in parliament, and given it name coalition government. For  prolonging  their government these corrupt   people are  carving different heinous planes, consequently they never avoided to provide ground for killing Baloch Youth in detention and never hesitated to assist the wipe-out the entire populations of Baloch on surface of earth and killed conscious layer of society with intention to no one up-voice against haughtiest. Such people are totally unaware of humanity and completely rejected by masses but colluded with a layer and make drama of election. These own very poor mentality and they are very far from human civilization.

 Report tells, that Baloch main objective is to establish a secular, Democratic and freed state but Balochs rival state has ill-intention to Fade-away all Balochs who are struggling according to international laws. The provided aid by America and western countries is not being used on its genuine target but it is being used for Baloch genocide. If world is interested to know the facts about this, then they send their fact finding teams in Baloch war-waged areas, like Kohistan-e-Marri, Dera Bugti, Bolan, Mekuran and in other parts of Balochistan, where used weapons hallow cases and accessories existing are tangible evidence of this claim that aid and equipment got from international world to combat Al-Qaeda and Taliban but are being used for Baloch genocide, and recently our organization expressed concerns for American provided aid to Pakistan is being used against Baloch which proved true hundred percent and instantly provision of American Pakistan has launched a massive operation in district Awaran and Mashkey, where dozen of civilian murdered and operation is continuing with its intensity.

Report implies that in secular state the inhabitant nations will be granted equal rights, but Pakistani institute by an organized conspiracy launched violated, inhuman and scornful actions against indigenous Hindus population and compelled them exodus to India or compelled to leave Balochistan. Hindus did so to lead lives in fearless societies. Similarly, state institutes are thriving religious fundamentalism in Balochistan and instantly these institutes are managing attacks on Shia sect here trying to defame Baloch Movement on international level.

Report tells that social media wrapped several states and roused revolution in Arab world, like Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Syria and other states, whereas media and international communication department has swore to remain silent about Baloch issue and in any cost will observe fast silence in this regard. In Balochistan, if any Journalist picked pen to main scare of profession, he is crushed mercilessly. Khuzdar and Panjgoor press clubs have been locked and dozens of Baloch Journalists targeted and detention killings are solid evidence of this debate. Social media is not available at all in Balochistan, fewer Baloch website are representing Baloch issue but those are blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, throughout Balochistan to let not know masses the situations. International world instead of moral support to Baloch, is patting Pakistan and providing aid to her, resultantly she is committing genocide of Baloch Nation.

It is written in report that the silence of United Nation over genocide of Baloch Nation is meaningless , because history is witness that wherever occupant states increased tyrannies on occupied, then civilized world came forth and stopped the hand of tyrant, mean United Nation acted and by its intervention given liberation to occupied nations, but in occupied Balochistan during last six decades Pakistani forces oppressing on Baloch Nation but United Nation has not performed its due role .During United Nation working Group visit to Balochistan, team members in meetings with Baloch showed concerns about our region and compiling annual report in General Assembly recommendation for Balochistan is hopeful but we are worried that Pakistan will be given membership in United Nation Human Rights Council and our all efforts will go in vain and this tyrant and religious hysterical state will escalate Baloch genocide onward.

At the end of report Baloch National Voice once again appealed from United Nation for intervention without delaying in Balochistan for suspension of on going series of the worst human rights violation and maintaining peace here. The UN should assist Baloch for creating independent Balochistan and make secure world peace which is in threats by religious hysterical states.


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