Measles is a contagious illness in other word. A viral disease caused by Robeola virus. Measles is a major cause of death in children due to the insufficiency of vitamin A. Its clinical symptoms are high-grade fever, running nose, blood shots inside mouth, muscle pain. Symptoms usually begin 8-12 days, after you are exposed to the virus. As it is a easily spread illness, therefore, it infects once through followings, hand to hand contact, droplet from nose and most importantly it can put contaminate droplets into air through sneezing and cough which approximately took way towards the disease. Only those who have been vaccinated against it have immunity. There is no special treatment for measles just to control the fever, followings may give relieve; Acetaminophen, bed rest, humidified air. Some children may need vitamin ‘A’ supplements (as it reduces the risk of death and complication).

 Before 1980, vaccination system wasn’t, discovered so in that era per year 2.6 million children met their maker due to measles infections, but now due to its presence, almost 70% risk have decreased. In fact, in developed countries, it is almost controlled, but unfortunately, undeveloped countries like Pakistan are suffering yet. Nearly two hundred people have lost their lives within three weeks.

There is a dire need of educating people about the disease and is government’s duty to provide vaccination facilities throughout the country and make certain provision of vaccination in the entire country, so that lives of people are saved.

Nayab Zahid Hussain, Turbat


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