New Year didn’t bring Joys but Ashes of Operation on Balochistan..!

Bolan Voice & Online Media

Each news has own story with different pictures. In case of Balochistan, each news has same story with oldMashkey picture of war.

Since Musharraf Era, Baloch people are in operation and have been suffering in problems.

In operation, poor people and their children are giving up lives. While use of weapons, children have gotten skin disease and women have lack of health facilities.

Balochistan have countless problems.

Common people feel no difference in civil government and dictator rule.

On 25th December, 2012, a day of Christmas and Happiness and people would make new promises for coming New Year.

Baloch people couldn’t make any new promises as they faced fires of operation on 25th December, 2012.

While entering at the edge of New Year, people of Balochistan were living under the open sky and their beloved funerals were lying in front of them.

Mashkay village of Balochistan brutally put on the operation.

 Online news “The people of Balochistan greeted 2013 with a bloodbath inflicted upon them by Pakistan military offensives on the eve of Christmas day 25th December. In this gory operation more than 51 persons were reportedly killed with several losses of livestock and properties.

The current Mashkay siege, Balochistan operation by army and its brutal use of heavy war machines, including three Jets, seven gunship helicopters and seventy military vehicles is a case in point to gauge the popularity of the movement where no one but Pakistan itself has located the source of support for the Baloch fighters. What has gone into the heads of the panic stricken military establishment is the very nightmarish realization that Balochistan has virtually gone out of their immoral control. They realized the fact that without Balochistan, Pakistan would go back to ‘Stone Age’, because the immense geopolitical importance and the vast reservoir of natural resources, that Pakistan has been exploiting without any hindrance so far, has come to a halt”, reported.

Journalists and activists were not allowed to report in area of operation, nor did media of Pakistan report it.

This operation was approved by Balochistan Government because two people of Balochistan FC agency were killed. After such incident, operation was held in Mashkay village.

How many people suffered whether people got medical treatment or not, no one knew?

In operation Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch Fighter-leader of Balochistan was most wanted and during operation his house was destroyed and his old Mother Alumer injured.

Balochistan is facing sectarian violence therefore it might be possible that those two FC people killed by sectarian groups which have been killing innocents people.

Operation led in Mashkay and tortured people, why it was signed by government? On first hand investigation must have led and informed Media.

On 25th December, 2012 held operation in Mashkay, it gave message to all of us that these people are alien and have no rights to defend themselves.

Pakistan Media, close its Eyes, lips and Ears. People of Mashkay are not part of Pakistan Media? That’s reason they have been ignoring each operation in Balochistan.

Young generation of Balochistan, nationalist parties, like BNM, BPR and BSO-A protested against Mashkay Operation.

Baloch Human Rights Organization held protest in front of Karachi and Quetta Press Club, the leader of BHR org. strongly criticized on role of Pakistan Media and requested to international Media, Human Rights organization and United Nations that all must take look in Balochistan and must be condemned operation in Mashkay. All leaders of Balochistan, Parties and young generations supported Allah Nazar and briefed about Mother of Dr. Nazar who tortured during operation on 25th December, 2013.

New Year didn’t bring joys but Ashes of operation in Balochistan which hasn’t ended yet, but is going on and on.


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