The Arab Spring

By Aziz Ejaz, Punjgoor

The emergence of the Arab spring and the violent uprising raised same how before two years ago, has unemotionally plunged the entitle territory into a bloody chaos. This scenario of uncertainty was the series of protests and demonstrations across the Middle East and North Africa that has known as the Arab Spring, which has left around 60,000 people dead in just period of two years, a gigantic number of injured and displaced, besides these destruction, governmental, public and private buildings being blown up into tiny pits, while the civil war is still being fought ferociously committing horrible human rights violations that might have been seen anywhere in the world, where we can get a brutal face of Syrian trauma.

Gigantically, this uprising has left many queries or responsibilities and the shoulders of those international organizations, who had pledged to persuade the rehashed slogans and manifesto that lawful reforms and demand for a transparent Institutions in its peace senses, but mournably, couldn’t any such institution has worked to bring peace, even pass or single resolution.

The Arab Spring which has began on 18th December 2010, is owing to cause of authoritarianism, demographic structural factors, political corruption, human rights violations, inflation, kleptocracy, sectarianism, unemployment and self-immolation of Mohammad Bouazizi, contrary to these the dissidents demands for a democratic set-up of government free elections to be held, human rights to not be violated and regimes to be changed the intensity of escalation and unrest that specked still continues.

Consequently, the uprisings were the series of demonstrations and protests from dissidents has successfully ousted, Tunisian President Zine El Albidine Bin Ali and government was overthrown, Egyptian President Hasni Mubarak ousted and government was overthrown, Libyan leader Muamac Gaddafi was killed after a civil war with foreign military intervention and government was overthrown, Yameni President Ali Abdullah Saleh ousted out and given power to a national unity government, civil uprising against the governments in Middle East has changed the set-ups, in response to revolutionary wave of protest demonstration and war Kuwait, Lebanon and Oman had implemented changes in their governmental set-up whereas Morocco and Jordan implemented constitutional reforms and Syria plunged into a full scale of civil war b/w government and opposition forces.

Historically the Arab Spring might have left its mark by successfully ousting of some dictators, but the on-going uprisings, intensity of revolutionary wave of civil resistance strikes protests, rallies and demonstrations still have to do more for implementation of reforms and overthrowing of some more cruel tyranny.

This escalation in Middle East and North Africa was accompanied by a major slogan “The people want to bring down the regime” undoubtedly they had overthrown same cruel dictators according to their slogan persuaded the catalyst for the escalation of frustration and despair in the legion was Mohammad Bouazizi owing to a 26 year old Tunisian, fruit and vegetable vendor at a road side stand, whose wares had been confiscated by a municipal inspector on 17th December later on hours ago committing self-immolation by dousing himself with gasoline and set himself fire, ignited revolutionary spark in the Middle East in the form of Arab Spring.

Later on, his mourn-able, death brought together various groups to feel sentiments of dissatisfaction with the existing systems and in a result a gigantic uprising instigated to derive the focus of foreign to Middle East experts to mitigate a way toward.

The numerous factors that have led to the protests including issues such as dictatorship or obsolete morosely human right violations government corruption economic decline unemployment extreme poverty and a various demographic structural factors as well included are the reasons behind Arab Spring and a huge devastation of people.

Finally everyone should inculcate in mind that, “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out and optimism is the foundation of courage”. (Quoted by Hazrat Ali and Nicholas Murray Butler respectively).


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