The importance of Mother Tongue for the survival of a nation

By Hina Ghani Baloch, Turbat

Mother tongue plays a significant role in the process of learning and achievement of educational pursuits. Besides being an instrument of communication and of access to education, mother tongue is also the maker of identity at the personal and societal levels. If we have a glance in Balochistan, surely, we can find millions of people who speak Balochi language with distinct dialects. There are mainly three dialects of Balochi language, Makurani, Pakistani, and Koh-e-Sulemani. Balochi language is legendary for its vocabularies, idioms, idiomatic phrases, lullabies, folk stories, folk songs, folk literature and its eminent writers, poets, researchers, and linguists.

No doubt, the literary works in Balochi language have been done by literary people and English people. However, most of them believe that Balochi language is an Aryan language, and some are of the view that Balochi language originated from Persian.

 Most importantly, a language can develop in the first place when it is taught in schools colleges, centers and other governmental institutions.

 The role of language was quite evident during the Pakistan movement when different languages were used as distinguishing identity markers for the various populations of India. Urdu was associated with Muslims while Hindi and Panjabi were tagged with Hindus and Sikhs respectively.

 After Partition, Pakistan with its colonial past had the choice of either adopting the language of its state erstwhile masters English, as its state language or the language of the majority Bangli . The choice made, however, was Urdu because of in emotional association with its well as for other reasons. This declaration of Urdu as the state language disappointed the majority of the population, the citizens of East Pakistan whose mother tongue was Bangali. They overwhelmingly demanded language of Pakistan in addition to Urdu but Jinnah and other Punjab oriented politicians, issued political statement in favor of Urdu and it became the national language of Pakistan. Bangli took strict action against this taboos favour and went for alienation of East Pakistan. The reason is oblivious that how Bangli gave value to their mother tongue and got success in this regard, on the other hand, if we see Iran, surely, we will find an outstanding change in the country because the people of Iran give priority to their mother tongue, in order to develop it enormously.

The people of Iranian Balochistan also study Persian language in educational institutions, because they started research and did lots of literary works for their mother tongue and got success. Today Iran is known as a developed country, due to its culture and mother tongue, which are the identity of a nation. Furthermore, China is a developed country because the people of China give more priority to their culture and mother tongue as they know that for the survival of a nation both play significant roles. If we shoot a glance on Baloch society, surely, we will find such eminent persons who worked hard for their mother tongue and culture, such as, Sayad Hashimi, saba Dashtiary, Attashad, Murad Sahir and many more did institutional works on personal basis. Sayd Hashimi, the Balochi linguist, has written Balochi newspaper with his hands, collected information in Gawader, and distributed them among all Baloch of Gawder, just for the surviving  his mother tongue to write a Balochi dictionary where he got T.B and his condition was very serious, but he didn’t leave writing mother tongue dictionary.

 For the survival of a nation mother tongue and culture both play great role in the entire world. If today Balochi language is alive and known to everyone, it is all due to the hard work and research of Sayad Hashimi.

Absolutely, Red Indian did not give importance to their culture and mother tongue, in addition, they left it to its fate, and in fact they lost their identity. The painful fact is that the language of Red Indian got lost from the world. America was place of them but with the passage of time and due to losing identity their names are removed from the book of language policy. By learning mother tongue and providing it significant research, studying it in school level can make a language alive in the world and can survive a nation. To get high place in the society, we have to give importance to our language. I want to conclude my topic with a beautiful saying “Without mother tongue no nation can survive.”


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