Womens’ Modesty!

Amanat story happened in new Dehli exposed in front of the world but Shaista Shahwani’s death never let scathed to her modesty, incident happened in Mastung Balochistan is anonymous.

By Adam Baloch

Virtue and sin, goodness and badness, modesty and immodesty ever have been part and parcel of this world. It is tradition that virtue, goodness, modesty and l positive aspects are remembered by contemporary or up-coming human. The other side, like sin, badness, immodesty, and so have never been remembered or admired by people and they never recorded them in their history, too.

About modest incidents history replete, but recently two such incidents occurred that one rattled entire world by media and other is anonymous, only that town dwellers could know.

The incident which jolted world is rape case with University Student in New Dheli in a bus happened. The girl got wounded seriously physically and psychologically and was admitted in critical condition in hospital and afterword was shifted to Singapore in critical condition but victim girl couldn’t recover and demised. She was raped by a gang and threw from running bus.

In throughout India even in entire world wide protest is continuing for penalization of culprits. Indian rulers have consulted to senior lawyer for sentence to perpetrators. The parents of victim girl were contacted as advising sentence to culprits and prescribed they death penalty for them. The dead body brought to India of victim and million of people participated in last ritual and protested for stern sentence to perpetrator. The assurance of Indian president and prime minister even protesting is going on and on.

The second story of modesty happened in Balochistan’s town Mastung, in November 2012. When Four guys went to Shaista Shahwani and her younger sister when they were on their way to home that belong to a very poor and gentle family and asked them for their phone number but girls blatantly denied, “We don’t have any phone number to give you people”. Thugs threatened the girls, “We will see you tonight”. Girls replied, “Whatsoever you people can do so do”.

Girls went to their home and forgot, they assumed nothing happened but her younger sister was frightened Shaista made her calm and said nothing would happen; no one has dare to do something with us while coming to our door step. But at night approximately at 2am the rogues climbed the wall of their house and entered into home with guns. Then they knocked at the room door to open it, but girls from inside denied to open the door. Rogues broke the door and entered in the room and said go with them, but Shaista replied bravely, “I can’t come a single step with you people but can die here”. During this her younger sister brought the Holy Quran in front of the rogues for sake of this Holy Book you people go calmly but they threw the Holy Quran and denied to accept any thing and among four rogues two controlled their old father and two were beating Shaista and her younger sister. Shaista and her younger sister also fought bravely with them and during this fight Shaista got success to uncover two of the rogues’ faces, who had masked. She said, “I identified you, after dawn you people will face dire consequences”. The rogues got afraid then, shooted Shaista at the spot and flew away, Shaista got murdered and her younger sister also got injured critically and still her condition is not good.

Shaista martyred but didn’t step out from her room and didn’t compromise on her modesty. She gave a good lesson to her age fellow not to bow in front of such wrongful of the community, and also proved to be a real Baloch girl.

Unfortunately her story is only known by the town of Mastung. And still her old father is deprived of justice. Her story is anonymous not uplifted like Amanat. The case of both is same, which they accepted lives for their modesty; one is Shaista Shahwani and other is Indian rapped girl.


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  1. Good brother, i appreciate you for bringing this story infront of the world. as we balochs are having such troubles some are highlighted and some are not but u did a good job keep it continue.


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