BHRO Protests against Mastung Operation

By Tariq Baloch

Baloch Human Right Organization (BHRO) protested against security forces for operation in PirkanoBRHO (Mastung) in front of Quetta press club. Protestors were holding banners and place-cards inscribed with demands for stoppage of Human Rights violation activities and operation against Balochs and sacrilege of “Chadar and Char Diwary” by forces in Balochistan.

Baloch Human Rights activists gathered in front of Quetta press club to register their protest, where speakers also delivered speeches to gathering and media-men. Speakers in their discourses said, “Security forces carried an operation in Mastung at Pirkano an outskirt village of Mastung and martyred Abdul Rasheed Baloch and Shahjhan Baloch, while family member including women and injured ones were taken by forces. The security institutes such act are denounced and required to be inquired because by now females also are not exempted tyrannies. Subjecting to females is the worst level of Human Rights violation”. They said.

Speakers further said, “During Maskey operation women and children were subjected and in follow-up in Mastung operation same practices are repeated. Human Rights defender organization must break their silence and must take strict notice of Human Rights abuses against Baloch”. They demanded.

Baloch Human Rights organization’s Karachi wing also conducted precession in front of Karachi Press club to hoist voice against Pirkano operation the  participant of procession  were holding banners and palace- cards inscribed with demands to world for taking notice of martyrdom of Balochs abduction of youth, torture on Baloch women and innocent children and Human Rights violation in Balochstan. Various inscriptions were against media’s partial role which they showing apathy about Baloch issue. The protestors chanted slogan against Mastung operation.

Adding further speakers told, “The recent operation in Pirkano (Mastung) is the organ of ongoing series of prosecution on Baloch. Prior to this, in Mashkey, a massive operation bombardment was carried-out which left behind several Baloch women and children with males dead and it is continuing and there inhabitants houses are being set to fire. In previous days forces onslaught the areas Kandri of Mashkey, where they targeted civil population and loses were resulted. Throughout Balochistan forces in large number are deploying, due to this civilian population in panic”. Speakers blamed.

“In Balochistan operations and Human Rights violation by forces are common at daily basis but international organizations including United Nation’s criminal silence about Baloch are like guilt. Media ignorance to Baloch issue is also negation of justice with Human species and biased entity of these. If justice provider organizations attitude remained same toward Baloch, Then it is natural phenomenon that situation will sneak worsen to worst”. Speakers warned.


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