Energy crisis


The already instable economy of Pakistan lurches some other economic problems. The worst is the energy crisis. Among them, Electricity is one of the major problems that Pakistan has been fronting from last few years. Electricity is the requirement of every human life. Energy is the most imperative fonts for economic growth of a country.

There is no other route to overcome the shortage and provide relief to the people from load shedding except changing the status quo of power sector. If government wants to get rid of this energy crisis in Pakistan, then they should adopt privatization to eliminate this severe energy crisis in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a huge demand to generate power through oil that meets only 20% of its requirements presently.

Pakistan has a total hydro potential of 40,000 MW against which it generates merely 6500 MW. Subsequently, power shortage will be up to 11,750 MV per year. It will affect agricultural, industry,

Pakistan has world’s seven largest reserves of coal after discovery of THAR.

The government plans to generate 7880 MW electricity by 2011 out of it 4860 MW is to be generated by firing natural gas.

The current energy consumption trends in Pakistan are extremely inefficient, whether it be in the domestic, industrial, trade or commercial sectors. With minimal effort, well over ten per cent of national

A further economy of 10-15 per cent can be achieved by introducing the second level of energy-

An Energy Crisis is threatening large in upcoming years. There is an expected short fall up to 50% because of increase in demand of major sources with share of 50% of gas, followed by oil 29%, hydroelectricity 11%, and coal 8%. Pakistan energy sector comprises consequently, Pakistan imports energy

Government should think upon these problems to overcome them and should make new projects like KALA BAGH DAM which is very important for the country and its economical stability. If government makes only kala bag dam then we can easily solve the problem of electricity in Pakistan. Government should utilize natural resources properly and makes strategies that must help Pakistan to solve her major problems and by doing this Pakistan can easily overcome all the burning problems, hindrance in front of its development.


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