Imperial State

By Farooq Bolani

The word imperialism means a system in which a country rules over other countries. Furthermore, one thing should be remembered that Imperialism never gives a chance to the slave to read and know about their history and culture because if they give good education, they would undoubtedly fight against that country.

Education which is known as the backbone of society is the basic rights of human beings. Education must be taught in mother tongue to make access easy to get knowledge. But unfortunately, our own subject is not being taught, even Pakistan can’t consider Balochi as a language. If we have glance at the history of Balochistan, we see that it was occupied forcefully in 1948 by Pakistan, and before which it was a separate state, was ruled for almost 7 months. In addition, an imperial country never tries to use such system that slaver gets benefits. Whether the reality is this, Imperialist always endeavors to finish the recognition of those nations who are slaved, if possible. However, that’s why slavers privileged is privileged not taught to think, to read everything which may help in realizing that they are being treated as slaves. If we get Pakistani education, form pros and cons then our mind can be affected. I analyze that it is the time to read and know about the culture and history unless we know about our identity that they are not considering us as a Baloch. If a colonial teacher teaches us, then our minds will be changed. One thing should be remembered that a colonial teacher never endeavors to allow his pupils to survey the world freely. The whole object of education is to develop the mind. The mind should be a thing that works, as we are getting bad education since the creation of Pakistan. Moreover, the slaves are deprived of their rights to study their culture, history and tradition. Remember one thing that the imperials enforce their languages and a system of education to make the slave to forget their language.

In conclusion, my final proposition is that books must be read in order to know about the culture and national identity.


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