Myanmmar and the Rohingya People

By Ejaz Aziz

Myanmar (old name), officially known as “republic of the union of Myanmar” has a history of persecuting  itsmaynmar minorities, particularly Muslims, the Rohingya people, who are basically an indo-Aryan people from the state of Rohingya, which is now officially known as ‘’ RAKHINE (ARAKA).

Rohingya people are native to Myanmar, which is commonly as Burma, is comprised of 4 percent of this persecuted minority. Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia and is a sovereign state, bordering china, Thailand, India, Laos and Bangladesh from Chittagong. Myanmar’s capital is Naypyidaw and its largest city is Yangon (Rangoon). the official languages  being spoken is Burmese and the regional languages it includes,  JINGPHO, KAYAH, KARER, CHIN, MON, RAKHINE and SHAN.

The area it comprised of is approximately 676,578km. The population estimation according to the census of 2010 was 60,280,000. According to the economically estimation in 2011, its GDP (GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT) in total was $ 82,679 billion, in per capta estimation it’s $ 1,324, which is growing with annual rate of 5.5%.

Within the total area one-third of Burmese’s area with perimeter of 1,930 km forms a fairly long coastline along with  bay of Bengal, ( largest  bay in the world forms the northern part of the Indian ocean) and Andaman sea, (or Burma sea, south east of bay of Bengal, south of Burma).

Myanmar is the 2nd largest country in Southeast Asia and the 40th largest country in the world with the population of 60 million that ranked it the 24th most populated country. Burma is resource-rich in precious stones and other God gifted resources. the Rohingya people with their darker skins and sharper noses are easily distinguishable from the Burmeese and the gigantic series of persecution to the deprived minority, Rohingya goes very deeper since the assumption of power in 1962 by general Ne win, nationalized all business and took responsibility of armed forces and cival bureaucracy to harm Muslims be hunted by deprivation that in results compelled them fled to neighboring Bangladesh, Thailand and Saudi Arab. the anti-Muslim riots over there in Myanmar took place in Mandlay in 1997 and in 2001, according to the UN, they are one of the most persecuted minorities in the the world whose plight came to international media attention in the wake of the current rioting in Rakhine state, began early June 2012, as majority of Buddhism alleged that Muslims men had raped one of their woman. in the ensuing rioting  hundreds of the Muslims were killed consequently.

Many governments including the EU, united states and Canada have imposed economic sanctions on Burma, the UN and several other international organization have reported consisted and systematic gigantic human rights violations  in Myanmar including genocide, the use of child soldiers, systematic rape, child labor, slavery, human trafficking and a lack of freedom of speech. The chunk of people facing ferociously targeted miscarries are Rohingya Muslims who are being treated as foreigners as the government of Myanmar considers them as illegal immigrants, ignoring the facts that they have been living there for decades.

Where ever in the world such a ferocious and aggravated attitude is being practiced, in results will undoubtedly be with its hideous face, this heinous behavior from the tyranny not only builds up the hatred feelings but results into a much hue and cry as well to let awake up those people who have a firm sort of sentiments and commitments in disclosing the realities and secrets, same as the case with Baloch nation where the human violations had already crossed all the limitations of having a sense of humanity, here it is pertinent to mention that from the exact date of intervention of Pakistani establishment in Balochistan, there is not any historical reminder to say, an international organization has felt sorrow to pass a resolution for the protection or prevention of human violations, very sad to say that  perhaps it would be a sin to talk or struggle for the privileges of one own motherland.

The most persecuted minority of Muslims inhabited over there in Myanmar, no doubt about that facing the worst brutalities as we came abreast to a very unpleasant news that General Ne win stripped them of the citizenship in 1982 by declaring the minority (Rohingya people) has no rights, they cannot buy land and not will be represented in government jobs as well. This racial discrimination kept Muslims the biggest losers. UN, FU, international amnesty and OIC has to take pertinent action to pass resolutions in order to prevent the grotesque brutalities and offensive attitude from Rakhine state, Otherwise may an uprising blows up in the form of destruction in those areas in the world where we can see the current scenarios intolerable.


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