No sanguine about emancipator from Army: Akhter Mengal

Bolan Voice Repot

Sardar Akhter Mengal the head of Balochistan National Party (Mengal) said “Imposition of governor rule onAkhtar-Mengal1 Balochistan is merely change of ostensibly faces and no one should make expectation from army for being of emancipator, because same army has created dogmas of Talbanization, fundamentalism, terrorism and sectarianism. Unless main power holder of state intention is to be changed, the situation will not be bettered. All authorities of Balochistan already were vested in frontier corps but why not main communicates of terrorists are being raided.”

Talking to media men via telephone from Dubai Akhter Jan Mengal said that Balochistan was in control of army before from now. Akbar Khan Bugti was traced-out from mountains and was martyred but it is amazed that sectarian violence perpetrators are not being deducted in towns. We want to know that which terrorist asylum is out-reach of intelligence official eyes.

In fact, these all are being done by agencies. Governor rule imposition is not salvation of issue, which is merely ostensible, changed and will not affect the situations. The provincial government incompetency is factor on its side but governor rule isn’t solution and we all will see that in few days situations will turn similar as these were. During five years a single terrorist has not been arrested and vis versa Baloch political workers are being arrested and their mutilated bodies are being thrown without respite.

“Hazara Community living in Balochistan is facing unfair and brutally are being oppressed; even their genocide is being committed. He had no word for compassion to them, in spite this he doesn’t consider to army emancipator for anyone and this institute isn’t capable to settle this issue, because Talbanization, fundamentalism, terrorism, sectarianism have been advent by it. The political parties joining and disjoin are also executed by same army, currently the Asghar Khan Case is solid evidence of this argue,” Akhter Mengal blamed.


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