Rich of Mineral Resources Saindak Balochistan

By: Mahjabeen Kifayat

The Balochistan is a land rich of natural resources. The surveyor, Geologist and Mining Engineer’s exploredReal Gold + Copper + Silver ore from Sandak near Pak/Iran Bosrder about 32 types of minerals in Balochistan; some of those found minerals are copper, gold, limestone, uranium, silver, natural gas, coal, choromite, gypsum etc.

The main places of Baluchistan where natural resources have been discovered are Rckodiq, Saindak, Sui, Bolan Chamalang, Quetta etc .The word saindak (siaheen dik) in Baluchi means black rock. The locality of saindak is located in the corner of Baluchistan in chagi, it is about 1540KM far from Karachi, 650km far from Quetta, saindak is about 18km and 40km from Iran and Afghanistan respectively. It is 40km far from Taftan Balochistan.

The first geological survey was carried in1961, and 1972-1973 resultantly, estimations affirmed a large amount of copper and gold are found in south, east and north in saindak .in 1991 -1995 MCC (Metallurgical construction company) initiated its work in south and open a pit mine in 1995 work started under Chinese experts, in 1996 the project has been shut down due to the financial problems.

In 1999 federal government decided to restart the project of mine, that’s way they signed a agreement  with MCC(Metallurgical construction company) for a period 10 years that was finished in 2012, but five year more have been extended in this agreement freshly.

The MCC (Metallurgical Construction Company) gives 0.7million annually to the govt. of Baluchistan. The high grade of copper is 0.46% and low grade is 0.39%.

5760000 tons copper is being exploited from saindak in one year, 16000 tons in one day from this concentration the pure copper is being obtained is merely 250tons, which totally become 7500 tons per month and the concentration of gold is predominantly 29g in one ton of gold, monthly 870g and 10440g yearly is the predominant figure, where is the concentration of silvery concerned in entice deposit of Saindak around 3839g in one ton. After purification and pulverization, process monthly obtained Silver is 410g and 13320g nearly respectively. Totally 75000ton copper for a month and 90000ton copper for a year exploited from the Saindak. The concentrate of gold in one ton is 29gram .870gram gold monthly and 10440gram gold yearly exploited from saindak Baluchistan and also the concentrate of Silver in one ton is 3839gram. Monthly 410gram silver and yearly 13320gram silver exfoliated from the saindak.

The main target of company is to Blister copper; annual production of copper blistering is nearly 15810tons. 1.47tons gold 2.70ton and silver. The people of Baloch land and owner of saindak Baloch people waiting and struggling for a new rising sun after that they will be able to use our resources and pass a bright life in our land.


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  1. It is time the the balochistan government to establish a holding company and all mineral projects are covered with major share holding of balochistan government, funds can and have been arranged through private lender and with this funding we can have refinery/smelting facilities, other than infrastructure facility — i assure you this balochistan can become most rich province in the country; but no interference by the government /MNA/MPA and other province agent — just three and you will see how it goes

    mississauga ontario

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