State uses Baluchistan’s Geo Politic for its maintenance of image: BSO-Azad

Bolan Voice Report

The central representative of Baloch Student Organization (Azad) via press release stated that Gwadar Port’s bso-azad control given to China, IPI Gas pipeline and RecoDiq agreement alteration are indicating future’s rapid variation in regional Politic and Balochistan’s  Geo politics has key importance in territorial affairs, consequently state of Pakistan is using this for maintaining its vulnerable image. The Baloch was pushed in siege in all ways of economy and suddenly all agreement signing testifying the colonizer that Pakistan is considering it as conquered territory, hence without caring the interest and without consents of Baloch making pacts with international powers.

The political scenario of Balochistan is representing target killing of political workers, sectarian violence and agreement to plunder Baloch resources. Baloch Nation in the modern age of 21st century is facing human rights abuses, lack of basic needs of life and starvation. On the other hand, those who are wailing on imposition of governor rule they never voiced-up for oppressions for 65 years on Baloch Nation. Balochistan has been ruled by fake representatives ever; the so called religious and democratic agents from Musharraf regime to date more than five and half mutilated thrown bodies of Baloch political workers have but now for prolonging their series of loot are noising.

The Baloch political workers created gleamed history by paying sacrifice of lives, which were killed by target killing and other ways, and thousand of Baloch have gone missing who are still enduring. These politicians neither performed their duties regarding this human issue; neither have they expose which secret hands are involved in these grim acts. These politicians with others remained engage in looting Balochistan’s resources, and now they have bought palaces in London, Paris and so on, but they never cared of common Baloch fate. Today package teachers are sitting on strike in front of Quetta Press Club, whose lives are terrible. These are solid evidence of misdeed fraudulent politicians.

Baloch Nation attentively grasps the upcoming situations and mentally including physically to be standby dealing future’s political variations of Balochistan. In this regard national unity, consensuses development in thoughts, putting aside to differences in great interest of nation and make concurrences in ideology is mandatory. Baloch Nation must be on distance from political jugglers in Balochistan, because these fraudulent politicians who during last five years had never lifted voice against human rights violation, throwing of mutilated and other unjust, but now they are stimulating people to protest for them to get their remaining share.

Baloch Student Organization representative denounced conducted operations of forces in Mungochar, Mastung, and Besima. In Mungocher forces raided on innocent Baloch houses and looted valueables and martyred Younis Baloch and other whilst arrested several Balochs. Forces have sacrilege “Chadar and Char Diwari” in Mungochar operation, blamed in statement.

In organization statement it is narrated that Pakistan and Iran signed gas pipeline project, which will be laid in Balochistan and these both states have committed crime against Baloch and presently are committing genocide of nation. These discussed states always plundered Baloch resources by force and this project is series of same coerces.

Further in organization statement entailed that Pakistan has given control of Gwadar Port to China. In fact, Pak-China friendship base on plunder of Baloch resources. Pakistan is conferring Baloch resources to international exploitive powers with intention to get assistance of those powers against Baloch Movement and success in Baloch genocide. China is that country which already has enjoyed Baloch resources mush and striving to further plunder more, and Gwadar project handing over is an organ same pillage series.

BSO in its statement said that Dr. Malik is procreated politician and by gained incentive of Pakistan is inviting Baloch insurgent for participation in elections, because he is worried about his failure. The Baloch Nation is standing with Baloch Movement which denied from Pakistan elections.


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