The vanished peace in Quetta and Balochistan

By Imamdin Kandrani

The beautiful and peaceful past of Quetta city tells us that the city was very peaceful and more hospitalize; due to its harmonic environment international travelers would come for tourist without any disturbance.  People would share their happiness and laminations with each others without any hesitation. Here it wasn’t racial and communal differences. There was no any bigotry, because fundamental notions were uprooted. Harmony was known among them; therefore it was called a peaceful city and even before the earth quack of 1935 it was called “A piece of Paradise”, too.

But alas! Now the situations have changed. Our home land is passing through critical conditions, like every days bomb blasting, target killings, political raise and fall, security problems and much more. Every one is distressed in current scenarios, people don’t understand, what is going on and what to do? They lost their courage and their businesses also have slumped.

There are many hindrances for the peace and prosperity of Quetta and whole Balochistan. The main reasons of turbulence target killings of every creed followers like Sunni, Shia, Baloch, Pashtoon and Panjabi etc, bomb blasting, differences between political stakeholders, misunderstandings between political forces and security forces and lake of better security plans.

The current tragic occurrences increased the uneasiness of people and made Quetta city a sepal city. These events swallowed Balochistan Government and caused Governor Rule in province. These current events seem to be international propaganda against the peace, and in past, violence was some other aspect the Quetta’s current blasts can be relevant of past and outcome of international propaganda against Hazara tribe on the name of religious differences. As senior journalist Rana Maqbool (presently, columnist in daily Mashriq, Quetta) said in a report on 15th January 2013, that the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan is colluded in genocide of Hazara (Shia) and Afghan intelligence agencies Chief Asadullah is involve to help them (cited by Maria Sultan who is an expert officer in strategic Affairs).

If we deeply think about peace and prosperity of Quetta and Balochistan, so there is no doubt that the peace and prosperity were sold by General Pervaz Musharraf (Army chief and ex-president of Pakistan) the tenure of Pervaz Musharraf is regarded as a wretched rule in Balochistan. No doubt, every government ignored the citizens of Balochistan, but especially in previous decade in which the martyrdom of Akbar Khan Bugti and Balach Marri took place. Their assassination was a preplanned policy against the peace and prosperity of Balochistan.

Knowing this that power is not solution of any matter, he started military operation in the various places of Quetta city and other areas of Balochistan, even still operations are going on by F.C, which are affecting peace in Balochistan.

Present era’s worse condition of peace, ill-treatment, ill-will, absence of brother hood and distrust illustrates to the rouse of nationalism and communal thoughts, which are basically proved by intelligent agencies to develop bigoted thoughts, so that they may achieve their goals. They horrify the people who invite despair and fades glory of people, and then they can not continue peace and joy which affects environment.

(The mentioned above logic is an analytical debate about the peace of province, so this aspect may be considered solid or not, but according to my point of view it’s an important aspect about subject and economy is too, which is also a major cause of anarchy and political uproar. So now, I am going to discuss about economy).

Economy is in the hand of administrations don’t will to adjust the real roots of economy. It’s their duty to improve economy by maintaining peace is necessary as for development.

Their relations with public should be amicable not bleak. In order to that they should be known among the people and have right to call the real and honest administrations. There is no suspect that their single alloy will destroy the economy quality that’s why they should quit their personal benefits to gain public trust.

But, the real character of our federal and provincial Government administrators is quietly changed. They don’t have the above mentioned characteristics. They made country a debtor country, they exterminated the economy of country. State is billion dollars debtor of international organizations, like IMF, World Bank and others. Economy is touching at the bottom of its level of destruction and prices of things are touching to the sky. Bureaucrats are performing the role of black sheep. Hacking mismanagement is considered an import duty by administrators, thus privatization develops and poverty crosses its demarcation and social crimes are intensifying to swallow peace and prosperity both. Senselessness replaces quietness, and then ruins strongly hold its root for large scale destruction. Same our beloved city and province became administratively the orphan and current days are being seen as output.

If any state, province and city suffer such worse conditions, needs revolution and a long time to maintain peace again. But according to current circumstances our beloved city and province Balochistan are very gloomy and dismal. In such dismal condition, we (all the residencies) will have to think sincerely on our environment and will have to maintain brother hood among the all to avoid all the social, political and economical differences, so that we can bring love, peace, brother hood and prosperity which is most necessary to sprit in this globe, otherwise our up coming generation will suffer in same condition, too. Even circumstances can be worst for them and genocide of every tribe, every creed will remain. So please think sincerely and act on it too.


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