Transformation of Gwadar’s control to China and Gas Pipe-line to Iran

By Ahmed Khan

On 30th January 2013, in Federal Cabinet meeting the past tradition was repeated about Balochistan andChinese aircraft carrier to gwadar Pakistan People’s Party made a ladder to plunder Baloch resources. Federal Cabinet decided to transfer control of Gwadar port to China as it was expected. The discussed port was being operated by a company of Singapore.

Pak-Iran Gas pipe-line project is given to Iran for what she proposed to Pakistan. In back dates America and regional nationalists are opposing it but China and Pakistan’s establishment plan to counter discussed states interests. And these projects handing-over to antagonistic states of America means influence her for Afghan policy and Balochistan issue.

The Gas-Pipeline project granting has overt sectarian violence causes in Balochistan, too. Arab states or American allies don’t digest presence or hegemony of Iran in Balochistan so they are using sectarian tools to detent from involvement and targeting her fellow sect people. It seems state authorities due to conferring in past and presently, too are reluctant to put hand on perpetrators.

Past experiences entails that in Balochistan and Afghanistan international powers played a great game by using religion card and Mujahidin were brought and created locally, too. Once again players using dice of sects in Balochistan. It is obvious, million people both sides of border lost their lives, but against this a specific layer grabbed dollars. Same actions are being repeated by ground sectarian in Balochistan.

Hundreds of people were killed spitefully in Balochistan, especially in Quetta to block the ways to Iran. These incidents have also clandestine to dissuade Iran, too step-back in Balochistan.

Other hand, shrewdly such situations were created to impose governor rule in Balochistan and under the clad of this no one gets any chance to buzz against handing-over province resources to China and Iran. A sect was repressed and made them to demand centralized and pro-establishment rule.

The Gwadar Port functionalize, particularly controlled by China isn’t in interested to Gulf-states which are situated in neighboring of this port. Those states trade and trans-ship will be spoiled through which they are earning. These Arab States are in alliance of America.

In Balochistan, already separatist movement is on-going and enough disturbed state. The main department, army brought major changes in its policy and new chapter in its doctrine to counter these elements that are vary to China and Iran. The opponent states of these projects can get these as common rivalry; resultantly on going turmoil will be interfiled more.

The nationalists or heirs are being pressed-down by huge force that these can’t maneuver against dominant power. Other hand, so called nationalist parliamentarian parties have been made engage in election campaign or gluttonous of wealth and incentives, so they are totally made strange from this that that is exploiting Balochistan’s resources.

From these plots’ mean giving control of Gwadar port to China and Gas-pipeline to Iran, the establishment wants get sustenance from Balochistan’s resources and appease imperialists, too by throwing Baloch land in her sack for its prolong life.

People’s party is going to complete its tenure of ruling within few months, but at last as its history has been used by establishment in Balochistan and giving control of Baloch resources to those states which Baloch nationalist consider foes.


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