13 November to be remained as ‘Martyrs day’: BSO-A

Baloch, for the National Independence will struggle to organize a well central committee oriented front BSO-Azad

Bolan Voice Report

The third session of BSO-Azad has been held under the supervision of central Chairman Baloch Khan. In the session, the organizational curriculum reports, organization reforms, international and regional political situations and up-coming plans tactics were the most important discussion agenda. In the meeting it was bso-azadpertinently mentioned that organization to be more organized, functional and resistance against the continuously barbaric policy of Pakistan and Iran in a revolutionary tactic, side by side other regional issues were discussed for an appropriate dissolution that BSO-Azad alongside all other organizations and parties will favor the coalition for the acquisition of independence politically and manifestos of all parties for struggle of national independence is important and acceptable. In the sight of BSO-Azad the proposed manifestos of independence is acceptable and keep equal importance. BSO-Azad alongside all political parties and organizations will tirelessly efforts for the achievement of independence in collaboration and for obtaining independence will organize a front union to struggle in occupied Balochistan against Pakistan’s parliamentary election and run an expedition of awareness among the public with get intense to be spread that Baloch nation on the basis physiologically and socially most not participate in voting fall through Pakistani and its political parties plots in order to bring the international focus towards movement of independence beside this in accord once with BSO- Azad’s 2010 central session 13 November to be commemorated as the day “Martyr day” will sustain and every year 13 November to be celebrated continuously. Every month, in accordance with Baloch National martyrs vision and philosophy to be lighted organizes references.

In the session of central committee it was decided that all members of central cabinet, and Unite hereby firmly keep responsibility despite bringing organizational antipathies to social and print media they must bring them to a discussion meeting of democratically bodies (Central Committee, zonal general body and unite body) and by their means to dissolve them politically and democratically that in order to allow organization to be avoided by disruptions and independent thoughts and let continued struggle into its completion functionally the nation independence according to the wishes of martyrs will perform its national responsibility. In the session, regional and international situation were descriptively discussed and further it was said that owing to the geographical and untapped resources importance worldwide most developed countries coming through accords with Pakistani and Iranian states to get benefits from significance of deprived Baloch Nation’s land to counter Baloch by applying their inhuman and immoral plots. America and China with the supplement of economic and military assists to Pakistan are alongside with it to fall through the struggle movement of independence of Baloch and knowing the internal and external polices of Pakistan despite by gaining their interests violating the charter of UNO and international laws.

Baloch Nation is well fully acknowledged that in international politics no one can be a permanent friend or enemy. The interests of international powers can never become in benefits of deprived nations, enemies like China and America for their economic and political interests are vividly ready for each other and in front of their gigantic interests Baloch cause of independence doesn’t has any significance because these capitalist states had always violating the norms of humanity and morality in the history and today as well voyaging in the same boat to be acknowledged by all such situations Baloch leaders and political parties persuading the  movement of independence must be abreast of today’s scenarios and be solidified or to go through and organized planning to implement those tactics that make the struggle movement more organized and resistance and that be able to stand straightforward against the atrocities of capitalist and colonized states.

Baloch must not wait until for a miracle from international community though they must trust upon Baloch Nation and toil to fully organized struggle movement in order to get success. Coalition acts are needed to be improved for the defeating the enemy. They have told that if a National United front doesn’t arrange then enemy will be getting benefits from our disruption and will painfully be trying to fall through the independence movement and we more not able to go through the international sympathies. If today we don’t be united will resultantly we hunted by the disruption likewise or don’t sit together to dissolve the antipathies then these common political antipathies may be a big bottleneck to go through international assists and sympathies and undoubtedly allow us to be deprived. All organizational and national disputes to be dissolved through political means that let our movement struggle to be organized revolutionary and tactically against enemy and agents and consequents of aforementioned dissolutions let the struggle movement of independence sssstowards its destination successfully.


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