China’s expansion: runs over Balochistan resource

By Ahmed Khan

Entire globe population is almost about 7 billion and only China’s population is above than 2.5 billion. It is very large dense populated country and majority is of yellow race. Nourishment of this huge population is herculean task for state authorities.

In China, factories run in day and night shifts to produce cheap products with intention to occupy world markets and mainly objective is to keep employee running of its gigantic population. The economist claim that China mostly industries run on non-profit merely consumption of labor and earning sustenance of them without surplus value.

For running industry and generating production China needs raw-material which lacks or its huge population swallows all deposits and resources. In this regard she has to hunt here and there and pursuance crosses all limitation of humanism. In this way she is inclined toward expansion, especially fixed eyes on Balochistan, where Baloch Nation has vast land, rich with resources but population is small, and China is ravenous about this land.

In general, expansionism consists of expansionist policies of government and state. While some have linked the term to promoting economic growth (In contrast to no growth/sustainable policies), more commonly expansionism refers to the doctrine of a state expanding its territorial base or economical influence usually, though not necessary, by means of military aggression. Compare empire-building, colonialism irredentism, revenchism, “reunification” or pan-nationalism, but only when explicit goal is to re-conquer territories that have been lost, or to take over ancestral lands. A simple territorial dispute, such as a border dispute, is not usually referred to as expansionism.

 Expansionist Nationalism is an aggressive and radical form of nationalism that incorporates autonomous, patriotic sentiments with a belief in expansionism. The term was coined in late nineteenth century as European power indulged in the ‘scramble in Africa’ in the name of national gory, but has been most associated with militarist governments during the 20th century including Nazi Germany and the Japanese empire. The American nation of manifest destiny is also oft-cited as an example.

 The ideology that distinguishes expansionist nationalism from liberal nationalism is its acceptance of chauvinism, a belief in superiority or dominance. Nations are thus not thought to be equal to their right to self-determination; rather some nations are believed to possess characteristics or qualities that make them superior to others. Expansionist nationalism therefore asserts the state’s right to increase its borders at the expense of its neighbors.

In modern expansionism the capture or occupying territory isn’t utmost ingredient because restrictions of borders have been slackened due to globalization and communication tools invention. But these facilities became helpful to the powerful or expansionist states to extort resources and mineral of low-developed nations.

In Balochistan, exact example of this modern expansionism by China can be observed. Where she decades before by appeasement or giving political bribe to comprador explored Saindkok project of gold and copper and totally deprived local dwellers or indigenous heirs. Through this project China is getting a huge amount for its population by strangulating Baloch nation. Here she used military power too but indirectly Pakistani army, against provision of weapon or supporting this state beside stance of Kashmir opposite the India. The scrap goat is Baloch and being pressed like sandwich between countries and is being looted.

The second expansionist example of China is grabbing Gwadar port control in its hands. She wants to use it as gate to spectrum of routs to world markets occupied by its cheap products. Gwadar is military strategic point with stand it is trade window and China wants to occupy this key military strategic point and up its significance in world.

China has plot to lay railway track from Gwadar to its border Xiang and gestured its plane in media too via using tongue of Pakistani railway minister Mr. Bilore, he said they are intended to lay railway track from Gwadar to Chinese border via Mastung, Hawailian and Khanjerab. They will carry-out work on project while getting fund regarding this. The survey has been done for laying railway track on this rout and will be accomplished in duration of three years.

China through this railway track wanted to carriage its cheap products to Gwadar then by vessels to supply Middle East, Africa and Europe. While returning, load raw material of Saindak and expected RecoDiq too to carriage by same railway to China for processing or purification.

State of Pakistan is controlled by despotic, who only care of their interests, especially want to sell Balochistan in hands of international brokers. Now it got shape of stooge in the hands of international powers. Public is suffering the worst, Balochistan is affected most due strategic, minerals and Geo-politics. State of Pakistan governorship got totally shape of comprador for imperialists and easily can be hired.

Locally, coined by comprador and imperialist parties or politicians are also ever ready to support such project without presenting rational reason. National Party welcomed China’s control over Gwadar but how party can explain that China benefited Baloch in past, even plundered about Baloch resources. Possible these parties, leaders are releasing such statements for certainty of their seats in coming term assemblies otherwise no sincerity seems behind these schemes.

Up-till now Baloch nationalist resisting group honestly enacted and their sacrifices of lives is solid reason of their commitment with nation and land. They must come forth and take positive step about future of Baloch nation. And only they can be bank in front of Chinese modern expansionism in Balochistan. They already proved and protected Baloch by paying sacrifices of lives. On this juncture international also deem about Chinese expansions, otherwise religious other element will be fortified, and then will be avail of crying silted milk.


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