Conditions of Balochistan

By Nayab Zahid Hussain, Kech

Undeniably, in the duration of almost sixty five years, Balochistan which is an important part of the country is kept in limelight because of the uncertainty and volatile security situation. Embarrassingly, it is woeful to mention here that Balochistan is continually undergoing in series of operations launched by civil-military leadership where its residents are unwillingly being slapped towards different sort of violence whether of natural resources negligence or compare other hurdles and hardships.

However, It is the responsibility of these institutions to provide security to the people of gloomy-hit province. Today Balochistan is burning; hundreds of people lost their lives in terrorist attacks, sectarian violence, and target killings. The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) sees Balochistan smoldering. According to the HRCP, mutilated bodies of 225 missing persons were discovered between July 2010 and November 2011. In 2011 alone, another 107 additional cases of disappearances have been reported in Balochistan.

The Pakistan army, FC and intelligence agencies are involved in the killing of Baloch Dissidents, Hazara community, and other professionals like doctors, lawyers, teachers and security personnel in Balochistan. In other words, the practice of abducting, torturing, killing and dumping policy in violence-hit province is generating an acrimonious dispute.

Furthermore, during the dictatorship and Absolutism of General Pervaz Musharraf, these rude regulations and melancholic policies came into Existence in a major quantity where the public became the victim of enforced disappearance from different educational sectors and venues. The time when, approximately, up to 6 hundred mutilated bullet riddled bodies were appearing in every nook and cranny of perturb province, no availability of assistance and cooperation was conducive for Balochs by Amnesty International, Human Rights Commission, American Foreign Department, UN Commission for Human Rights, Asian Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Although countless facts, video footages including other credible evidences have been brought into light, yet our political elite have never seriously worked for the resolution of this issue. In accordance with Human Right declaration through  Article 4, 5, and 9 , State confers to everyone the right of Citizenship and no one can be sentenced physically or cruelly, death lower than humanism values, degraded humiliated. Additionally, it highlights that enforced disappearance fells in army laws circle and sentence able offence.

For instance, Mushkey operation could reflect the above where reportedly in the recent operation 51 persons were killed with several losses of livestock’s and properties 200 houses were completely demolished fields were set on fires, hundreds of women and children faced hurdles and hardships and were compelled to set beside roads in cold night of winter compromising with lives by the bombardment of heavy war machines including jets, gunship helicopter and military vehicles. But neither any Pakistani media gave courage and confident to the issue nor the other concerned authorities in spite of being conscious about the existence of operation give significance to these Barbaric Acts.


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