Education is the key of success

Education is the key for the development of any nation. The grassroots of that nation can go ahead they should be educated by the neat education, people gain achievement and will be will known about every field of life with out education no nation can run, it means that with out education no nation, education means knowledge to know about every thing it is a wonderful gift given by Almighty Allah. Even Hazrat Ali (RA) said that a blind person is not that who doesn’t have eyes a blind is that who does not have education.

Therefore, education is our third eye we must get education and give education to our sibling and to the youths of this poor nation. It is fairly clear that from words of a great human leader Mandiba that, education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world therefore education is every thing we learn to get knowledge of good and abysmal, of right and wrong we must try to get good education not abysmal one. By the good education people can obtain achievement and to get good respect in the society. If the will be educated then they will get respect, therefore respect is one of the foundation of paths and one of the pillars of ethic (Akhlak). Only the educated folks can know that how to get respect and how to give respect we should try to get education and give education to our new young generation they should be educated. For the sack of education they can run their nation. It last I want to say that…….

 Oh, Almighty Allah gives me education that I should take out my words from my mind, and give me the pen that I should write on it the page of white and therefore, I should show my rights.

By Tahir Malangzai Baloch, Panjgoor


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