Establishment’s hideous atrocities in Panjgoor

By Ejaz Aziz

It is not a denying fact that the free-handed law and enforcements, implementing personnel seem to be much committed in an inhuman genocide of the indigent people of Balochistan. it is disheartening that our nationalist leaders are just behind exorbitant pries, concessions and seats of federal and provincial cabinets for upcoming election. They are paying a deaf hear to the Gwadar port transference to the Chinese and further seem to be un-reluctant towards aggressive unrest followed by establishment’s operations in different districts of Balochistan including Panjgoor and its suburbs.

On 26th of February, a huge armed convey of frontier corps was seen heading to Panjgoor that few days later, launched its operation and slew an individual namely “Shaheed Saeed Baloch” and abducted more than 20 persons including president of BNM Panjgoor zone “Abdul Rehman Baloch”.

These incredible tragedies of killings and abductions are not new thing in Baloch history. Balochs are facing such atrocities from the scratch of Pakistani illegal acquisition over Balochistan, hideous act has undoubtedly fueled up the feelings of public against Pakistani establishment who not only violated the traditional jurisprudence of Baloch but also looted the precious luggage including Gold and valuables of martyr house and burnt it utterly which is not less then a yazidi act.

This sort of obnoxious act is being seen everywhere in Balochistan where is the voice of a destitute being given deaf hear. Currently, the increased atrocities from state machineries had taken the precious lives of almost 30 within duration of a month and persons missing have crossed hundreds. Therefore Baloch argues international agencies of the UN to take firm action against such violent actions of Pakistani establishment that committing the worst violations of human rights in the history of world.


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