Female literacy in Balochistan

By Zahida Mahrab, Turbat

Education plays a miraculous role to enable an individual to be successful and it is such a power, which turns a man into a human being, and it is necessary for everyone to be educated, most importantly, for a women. It’s well-known that when a man gets education means an individual is educated while a woman acquires education; it means a whole nation is educated. Thus, the role of an educated woman matters the most for the development of any society. Therefore, it has been given the utmost priority in the world. On the contrary, in Balochistan the case seems completely different. Balochistan is the richest land in Pakistan due to possessing almost every resources and minerals in it, but poorest in term of education, specially, in women’s education.

Ironically, in Balochistan the education for women is down to zero. Sadly, Baluchistan’s literacy figures for women’s education is disturbingly, lowest in Pakistan standing at 14.1 percent compared nearly 3.5% in both in Punjab and Sindh and 18% in Khyber Paktoon khuwa. Similarly, there are various causes, which are leading women’s education towards darkness.

Generally, the fundamental hurdle in path of women’s education in Balochistan is the lack of concentration of educational authorities in building up enough number of educational institutions, like schools, colleges and improving the worst ratio of women’s literacy rate.

Ironically, it is estimated that there are total 10,668 primary schools in overall Balochistan, just 7,819 for women. In term of high schools, women have got the lowest with 178 out of 665 and the men have 487 high schools. Same case is about colleges, there are 35 total degree colleges in Balochistan, out of which 24 are for men, and the ratio for women is extremely low with 11.

Hence, it is disheartening to hear that there are several rural areas, which don’t even possess any educational institution, consequently 90% of women are uneducated in Balochistan or they are far from blessings of education, so that they should remain equal generation to generation.

Apart from this, the security of teachers is leaving an impact and a threat in the province. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, this threat has rapidly grown in every corner of Balochistan. Therefore, it is reported that since 2008 to 2010, 22 teachers have been killed. On the other hand, another shameful act had amazed everybody in Balochistan.

There is no denying the facts that if someone doesn’t feel secure, how can he protects people future? However, the apathy of federal and provincial government in improvement women’s educational system is matter of a grave concern, and one of the major factors for province’s backwardness.

Lastly, the remedy for this issue is that teacher’s security should be given the utmost or highest priority. In order to eliminate the poor condition of women and fulfill the needs for creating well-developed educational institutions with quality education and teachers for women’s development, the provincial government should take steps on war footings.


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  1. source for the figures?

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