“Gawadar port; a golden sparrow”

There is a room left to doubt that Balochistan is not only the most deprived province in Pakistan, but also it is considered one of the biggest nature producing centers in universe. However, there are numerous natural resources in Balochistan which are very precious. On the contrary, Balochistan has one of the third world biggest ports; I mean to say Gawadar port which becomes a golden sparrow for all and sundry. Gawadar has lots of geopolitical importance because it is connected to Arabian Sea. No doubt, Gawadar can broaden trade links with countries lying across central Asia, Persian Gulf, East Africa, United Arab Emirates and northwest India.

It is noteworthy to mention that it will be the centre of an economic activity in future. Most importantly, the construction of Gawadar port was started when Musharaf was the president. The construction was handed over to China with $287.8 million investment and it was completed in 2007 then the port was given to Singapore with the intention to make it transits port but it has been noted with concerns that Singapore was failed to develop the port. Importantly, for the development of any port it is necessary to make the roads network well but the Gawadar is deprived of such kind of development. On 11, 2013 when the political people was busy in brainstorming about the development of port on the other hand the strikes were high in ranking in Gawadar because the shortage of water but it is heart rending to utter that yet the regime hasn’t taken any step to solve the problem but while the government saw no development through port then, 2, 2013 the port has handed over to China to make it functional. It is believe that by the virtue of China the port will soon become a trade hub in the region. According to a report, accordance with the agreement that China will install the free economic zone on account of which the economy will develop and the people of province will get precious opportunities of jobs and very soon it will be the central gate of Asia. Unfortunately, Baloch mass being the primary stakeholder of huge invested projects, always remain deprived of the tremendous economic gains because yet Baloch haven’t got anything from those  what they have possess naturally.

Faiza Saleem, Turbat


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