In response of Hamid Mir

By Hasrat Iqbal, Kalat

No doubt, Hamid Mir is one of the Pakistani journalists who off and on writes about Balochistan. Mr. Talat Hussain and few others have tried to highlight the issue of Baloch missing persons. Hamid Mirs programs and hasratcolumns indicated that he has little soft corner for Balochs.

Recently, he had visited Khuzdar. According to him many people had questioned him that why he had come to Khuzdar in such vulnerable situations. The purpose of his visit as he stated was to condole to the family of martyred journalist Abdul Haq Baloch. He stayed in Khuzdar for one night and hardly spent a day in turmoil city. Comparing the Situations to that in Palestine, he has dared to criticize frontier Corps and ISI. He shared the views of relatives of some missing Baloch persons in his program, “Capital Talk”.Hamid-Mir

Hamid Mir is one of the patriots of Pakistan state; as it is his right and duty to render his services to his country. No matter what objectives he had visiting the Khuzdar, however his Journalistic dispensations are appreciated. In current situation when people of Khuzdar migrated to the other parts of Balochistan, it is really a daring step for people, like Hamed Mir to spend 24 hours in this part of Balochistan, but there raise questions as he himself has pointed that in such conditions why he dared to go to Khuzdar? He has also mentioned that election in these deplorable situations had no meaning but a malpractice to elect the security agencies favored persons. Timing of his recent visit is also a question for the people of Balochistan. News channels are banned in 14 districts of Balochistan; he also knew that he may not meet the real victims except few relatives that he interviewed. He also mentioned that ISI funded militant groups and their workers who held protest against his visit to Khuzdar. He met only a few persons as he was confined in a specific area, so then did he visit Khuzar for condolence only?

Actually, Hamid Mir and few other journalist of Pakistan of news channels advocate human rights, democracy and do not want Balochistan to be separated from Pakistan. They have only been installed to pave the way for general election to be held this year. They have been tasked to win the hearts of people of Balochistan and to prove that media and civil society of Pakistan are still with Balochs. We upraise for your voice through media, and Balochs are true and patriot of Pakistani. When ever any program has been telecasted, the conclusion of Mr. Hamid Mir and others is   always that Baloch are a part of Pakistan and they are loyal to Pakistani state.

Current visit of Hamid Mir is also one of the steps to clear the way for general election and create mild the situation for a new election. Otherwise, more than 20 journalists have been martyred In Balochistan, and deaths of many passed unnoticed except in few local newspapers. Although Hamid Mir has been ironically criticizing ISI and FC in Balochistan yet, so what mean and be of his advocacy of Baloch issue? On the one hand he is in favor of Pak-Iran gas pipeline and supports the Pak-China deep-sea project, while on other hand he does not notice its influence over the Balochistan. He may also know that 18th amendment in constitution of Pakistan provides autonomy to the provinces, then why does not he raise voice that government and people of Balochistan have the mandate to deal project of Gawadar and Reco-Dik, not the federal government.

He should also consider the will of people of Balochistan and then he should give a conclusion in light of the views of people of Balochistan, unlike others should inject his opinion and ignore that of people of Balochistan.

However, he should also have a little moral courage and should not treat Baloch journalists in discriminating way. He should also avoid giving titles like (BAGORHS) to those journalists who differs his opinion as it is against the journalistic ethics.


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