Operation range is expanded in Balochistan: BNM

Bolan Voice Report

Baloch National Movement central spokesperson in its statement said that operation launched since 1948 hasBNM flag been expended in throughout Balochistan. Kalat, Kharan and other areas are under massive operation by gunship helicopters withstanding ground forces and local goons, too. Baloch women, children and all spires of life people are being tortured by state forces; such acts will be everlasting in minds of this nation, claimed spokesperson.

It has been disclosed in statement that Mekuran’s areas, specifically Mand and outskirt of Quetta operations are conducting and Balochs are being abducted, which are implying psychological defeat of occupant. Now nation is struggling without caring of mortality and ferocities of rival, consequently Baloch Movement moving to success boldly. Throwing mutilated bodies of minor Naimatullah, Abdul Haq and barbarism of state in Kalat and surrounding areas and the so called nationalists party of Balochistan turned its faces and deaf ears that they totally unaware about these tyrannies.

The silence of media about tyrannizes on Baloch is mark of question for their entity. Baloch equipped with weapon of conscious are fighting war as following international laws and their sacrifices won’t go in vain, Expressed via statement.


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