Panacea or Murder…?

By Naveed Naik Sayyed, Kharan

It is a matter of grave concern that we living in 21st century and presence of the illusion based predicament like being haunted or someone under the influence of evil spirits dominates our society. Such superstitious thoughts and actions have completely trashed the talent, production and creativity of our society in general Naveedand the females in particular.

In what surroundings we dwell, having one leg in the abyss and the other out, coherence seems altogether uneven. It is either our deliberate negligence or mental darkness that we keeping the mum despite being overcrowded by a multitude of such fateful social issues, one of them according to our typical traditional term, is “Aasaib zada or Jinni”. Bullshit! What all this rubbish.

People fall prey to this peculiarly, are ninety percent females. At least why the females only and not the males?

The matter is very simple and straightforward as gender discrimination, gender violence, and male chauvinism prevailing extensively in our society.

This is what people call Asaib Zada or Jinni as matter of fact an unreasonable and ridiculous sensitivity endures here. Examining from psychological perspective, it is concluded that the very existence of sense of depression among our women is the chief cause, then it step-wise leads to chemical imbalance, hallucination, schizophrenia and lastly psychopathy.

Bullshit! This all after would be term by our people as Aasaib Zada or being haunted. Despite referring the psychiatrists for respective illness, we approach the fake Mullahs, Peers and Sayyeds who further aggravate the matter by using unfair means of insensibly putting shackles around the body of victim females and cruelly punching their lights out with sticks, slaps and whips, the yelps and yowls are unbearable to see.ghost

These heart-thumping acts further develop in them the sense of depression and deprivation, at last become unmitigated insane and find the only way towards committing suicide. That way ends up a heart-throbbing episode of a depressed life.

At such an incident took place in Panjgur few years ago where a girl couldn’t succumb to her injuries inflicted by the Mullah and died on the spot. Likewise several other incidents have taken place time to time in various parts of Balochistan.

Is that the way treating such victims?

Surely, no code, creed, culture or religion along with Islam could allow the practice of heart-wrenching way of religious treatment alike.

As from the previously published article by Naheeda Hayat entitled, “Women deprived of their rights” penned.

“It is obviously clear that religion has always been the tool for oppressor to oppress other. Likewise the same has been happening with women in every society.”

What all our society giving womenfolk are just series of unending miseries. The all time exhaustive domestic manual labors, no right to higher education, strict traditional restraints for not having a single moment of entertainment, et cetera. While not realizing the fact that women are the greatest contributor ever in building up a prosperous, educated, civilized and progressed society.

Napoleon Bonaparte, the great French Emperor had rightly described the importance of women in the words;

“Give me an educated mother; I will give you an educated nation.”

There is a well said “The lap of mother is the first learning seat of a child.”

Regardless of utilizing women’s talent and skills for the positive development of society, they have just been considered a source for men to slake their carnality.

The misogynistic  lifelong convictions of our society have had always situated a sense of inferiority complex in women’s mind that kept them devoid of all natural talent and skills to thrive accordingly, however they are more competent than that of men are.

In lieu of the concept of empowering women or having them best of diagnoses, nursing and care, we throw them to the mercy and wrath of greedy and benighted Peers, Sayyeds and Mullahs, who get all the problem finished at once so recklessly.

Unfortunately, hegemony of these fraud elements have brought the matter at the end of a very critical societal destruction. Our people unaware of the reality consider these the only messiah for solution of their problems, become easy prey to them. They exploiting full advantage, use sundry unfair and fraudulent tricks and deceits to deceive people so easily. It is all carried out only for earning livelihood and making money. As it would be more astounding to know about their exorbitant price demands; from 25000 to 40000 rupees just for one case in terribly poverty-stricken areas of Balochistan, even intensify the case instead of getting it ameliorated, and what for people letting bygones be bygones in the name of religion and Divine Will.

Everyone needs to be wholly aware about this appalling enigma and ought to take adequate initiatives for such must tackled issues when you are living in 21st century with this lamentably degraded condition of women and having practice of paranormally mythological beliefs.

Here is the only key to extinguish the sense of depression among women; ensuring them the rights equal to men if not more than that!


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  1. Inayatullah Baloch

    great ,Mr Naveed

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