Personalization of Politics in Balochistan

By Imamdin Kandrani

The invise personalization of politics in Balochistan is indicating to worse political of coming politics in Balochistan. Basically, it’s a deep lesson and has a long-past history which was a serious cultural change. The cultures of politics have also been changed. Therefore the past history of Balochistan is necessary to be Imam Din new photomentioned.

At the time of sub continent (Now India and Pakistan) there was no any political system in Balochistan. Because of geographic location of this tend, it is very cold in winter and hot in summer. Therefore, the residents of Balochistan were named, who would change their place according to season and they would not have permanent houses. Thus, they do not have sense of politics and also ruling.

The nomadic Balochs were loyal and supporter of their neighbors. Indeed they were united under the shadow of early system (Sardari system). That’s the original reason of supporting the pathans when the Russian force entered in Afghanistan and was compelled to go back.  Additionally, the Russian started to muse over their retreated invasion in Afghanistan and finally, they got reason that the involvement of nomadic Baloch defeated them. Thus, they started to thieving this culture the reads change and then project (But underground) was named by Russian to bring politically change in Balochistan and to cut off the chief system of this land.

When the appropriate plan of dividing the sub-continent has got power, after that Pakistan and India had gotten isolated identification. The under ground plan of bringing cultural and political change was continued. However, through Mr Jinnah they were to pay concentration over Balochistan. At least he was succeeding in occupying Balochistan by Pakistan and alliance of Balochistan in Pakistan was come into being. Thus, it was a workshop of that under plan work of bringing political change to weaken Balochistan.

In fact, when Pakistan came into being, the Britain did not pay attention on political system of Pakistan however, the Balochistan and Pakistan had become single, thus, and the personalization of politics came into being. And day by day, it got spirit and then the Britain project ended here and got seeming result of pro-family politics project.

In the beginning of sixteen decade of previous century, Pakistan people’s party came into being by ZA Bhuto. After, the demise of his the leadership of PPP was handed over to Benazir (His daughter) was the aimed to raise family politics and same is the condition of PML-N and other political parties of Pakistan, are pro-personalization of politics. Thus, the Pakistan politics affected Balochistan’s politics.

Now, the political workers of Balochistan rely on two kinds of politics. The political parties of Baloch nationalist, is a strong political kind. Moreover, in above kind of politics, BNP-M, BNP-A, National Party, BRP, JWP are those parties in which no workers opinion is being asked to appoint central member, even those who taking over the parties can appoint anyone according to their wishes. Therefore, again it is the pro-personalization of politics in Balochistan. The second, kind of politics is the system of central political system in which, PPP, PML-N, PML-Q, PTI, MQM, ANP, JUI and others are also pro-family politics. There is no any proper plan to select the leadership. However, this kind of politics is the real failure of democracy; in this case Asif Ali Zardari’s leadership is also a tragedy that who selected him as co-chairman as president of PPP. Thus, the both central and politics preferred family politics.

Further, it has many grave consequences, which are briefly being mentioned under.

The family politics in Balochistan has created worse law in order situation. The political leaders are the youth that can not play a vital role to push the country towards the norms of development. However, the law in order problem exists in every corner of Balochistan. Nobody feel easy and safe. No one can trade, study and perform a job in a friendly atmosphere. Even the writ of government is escaped and people hate political administrations because, their character is known by everyone. They have come in power due to family politics. Thus, it has fetch worse law in order situation.

Personalization of politics introduces such social injustice that nobody has respect for others rights. As, the time of election come the political worker change their place to set-up their position for next tenure. If a poor try to get ticket of any party so, they do not surpass in election that is called social politics. Thus, it is the basic root of social injustice.

Family politics is also a system of ruling over to press the poor. The poor are being financially nipped in the bud. For instance, pro-family politics leaders had increased hiking price to abolish the majority so that, they could not be able to face them. Hence, the family politics is the force to crush the potential of his enemy (the poor).

Similarly, if we discuss about the hindrances so may find many obstacles in the way of free and fair politics.

The ring leader system is the most difficult barrier for pure politics. In Sardari system nobody is free to cast his vote. Even, nobody is allowed to take part in election relatives or may be son, nephew or same other. However, in Balochistan, Nawab Akbar Bhugti and Khan Mohammad Khalphar Bhugti fought with each other for the sake of election. Indeed, Khan Mohammad Khalphar was migrated from his native place Sui. In nutshell, the earls are always stoppages in the way of free and fair politics.

The dishonest bureaucrats of country are pitfalls for neat politics. They are most powerful and on the day of election, they support to the chiefs or rich. Similarly, the flatters of them help to the high class people. However, in these current scenarios, the district administrators are also the emblem of earl chief, Mir and Khan’s when ever, public come on roads against of political forces of the administrators use force to provoke them. Even public and social leaders are not allowed to strike against stake holders. In this way, the corrupt bureaucrateses are bottlenecks in the way of pure politics and following pro-family politics system.

Un-equal and untendered educational system is also a hindrance in front of beauty politics. People know every thing through education and can measure good and bad. But, in Balochistan is like nothing. However, illiteracy rate is so high that the real literacy is only 36% till Matriculation and even, in higher education it goes to 6% according to a education report of public opinion and educational resource. If illiteracy rate is 5 times higher than literacy rat so in such condition only family politics is possible. Thus, the education system is also a barrier in the way of free and fair politics because of public members.

Family politics can be avoided while hanging out clear cut workers would be candidly against of it. Moreover, they have be ingenious in this matter. Because, if they want to make strong the democracy so, they will have to cut off it in nutshell, pure agenda of political Parties against family politics can bring spring time in politics for the betterment of democracy also.

Similarly, the education can change the tendencies of family politics. In this regard Nelson Mandela says “education is the most powerful weapon we can use it to the world”. However, education is the important source to change the nations of public about family politics. Through the stream line we can push back such a dismal situation of present politics in Balochistan. Therefore, the education is the only source to change current theme of politics.

Rising personalization of politics is a grave threat for real democracy. Similarly, it abolishes the culture of pure politics. However, it swallows the basic rights of masses. Additionally, it is the origin embezzlement and a great loss for economy of Balochistan, because there is no sign of the NAB to accountable them. Equally important it destroys the writ of officers, because people use source rather than officially power.

The sincerity of public about this matter can be proven by a typical revolution and all the revolutions had occurred on account of awareness of public. When they got awareness thus uprooted this incurable disease (Family politics). Similarly, the current scenario demands for such revolution which has power to shake-up family politics from Balochistan.


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