Celebrating “Balochi culture”

Every nation in all over the world, have their own culture music and tradition. Every nation among the world celebrates their culture day. Likewise Balochistan, which seems to be the largest province of Pakistan, has its own culture and tradition. This is celebrated on 2nd March every year in the province. The way which Baloch celebrates their culture. It’s different from other nations. Such as clothing, music, Baloch culture is rich, The Baloch are very hospitable, nice and friendly.

Additionally, Primitive women used only a large shirt which covered her from neck to the feet. This clothing of Baloch is also liked by a great religious scholar, Dr. Zakir Naik, when he gave speech regarding women’s cloth, When he was asked a question, then he replied the greatest clothes are worn by Baloch in all over the world which seems to be very much respectable.

Furthermore, when we go deep throughout Balochi culture generally when a child got born then, he/she was marked with much music and singing, such as (lilo, sooth, etc) likewise the women of that village attended the folk mother for seven nights and sang Sippat and Nazzaink, as it was the song of praise. In this era food and sweets were distributed to the women who attended it. The foods were given by various neighbors of that woman’s.

Traditionally, Baloch had an open society among old people in every village, where a Baloch lives. Especially that is called gathering (Deewan) in Balochi.

In that gathering a large number of people took part and shared their views regarding the problems, such as social, political and economic problems.

Beside’s this, another well-known cultural thing is “Do chapi” the men to gathered in a special place and danced that place around the circle. They were clothed nicely and clapping hands with the moment of foot. Actually it is not the universal, basically it is traditional and enjoyment of performers that they can perform it in marriages and also in culture day.

Finally, it is said that those nations remains alive in the map of world who works on their culture and language. So every body should know the value of their culture tell the nation must be alive in the contents of powerful nations.

Mereen Nizar, Kech, Balochistan


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