Future of Pakistan is uncertain: Talal Bugti

Interviewed by Basheer Ahmed Ijbari

(Blv stands for Bolan Voice and TAB stands for Talal Akbar Bugti)

Blv: How can you describe current situation of Balochistan?

TAB: You are talking of Balochistan; in fact entire Pakistan situations are vulnerable. If you observe situation of Karachi, and Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa, so these are worsen than Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. FC is ruling on Balochistan and it is autocratic and unleashed, and it has led to nose of all including police. Opportunists are joining Pakistan Muslim League-N, because they think coming government will be of this party. People of Balochistan have very much nuisance and anxious are looking toward international forces for intervention.

Blv: Has people’s party brought any reform about Balochistan?Talal

TAB: Corruption, abduction for ransom, disorder has become common by PPP government. And it has also given free hand to FC that you go snatch and let them plunder, nothing else.

Blv: How you distinguish Musharraf and PPP regimes?

AKB: I don’t see any difference between them; even PPP is practicing much ferocious policies than Musharraf. The governors of Sindh and Balochistan have been same since Musharraf era.

Blv: Will Jamoory Watan Party participate in upcoming elections?

TAB: Let us see, what will be situation for election, whether army will be deployed or FC’s sward would be hanging at our heads. Possible we appeal to international forces for conduction of polling and further survival of Pakistan.

Blv: Do Jamoory Watan Party have any plan to tranquil Balochistan is enigma?

TAB: Look! Jamoory Watan Party doesn’t have miraculous stick or wizard to settle Balochistan’s situation. We are desirous to mend all disputes by collaboration of other parities. But Nationalist Parties are animating granted soul of agencies and in night hours discussed so called nationalist party’s incumbent’s holders get directives from state officials. These nationalist parties are alive under the umbrella of agencies but totally lack mandate of masses.

Blv: There is reverberating that JWP and PML-N will make alliance for up-coming election, is it true?

TAB: Yes, these are the parties which are resisting to that power which is responsible for reunification of Balochistan; even same power has paralyzed whole Pakistan.

Blv: How do you forecast elections conduction in Balochistan in current political scenario?

TAB: Elections conduction doesn’t seem to me. If merely for show-off will be conducted, consequently will be blood shed in large scale. There is only disparity about election.

Blv: Is there any advantageous aspect lying behind for Balochistan’s people in election?

TAB: The secret hands will bring in assemblies to touts or yes-men. In our areas of Marri and Bugti they already have nominated people.

Blv: So what remedy do you have for this?

TAB: We are powerless to propose any remedy of this malady. Punjab can cure this disease, because army is also of Punjab.

Blv: You people are going to make alliance with PML-N, which is largest party of Punjab, even than can not overcome on this problem?

TAB: In 1999, Mian Nawaz Sharif was banished and his government was over thrown by a dictator. For such non-democratic elements any Imam Khumani revelation is required, otherwise looks no way.

Blv: Do you think tribal personalities should be part of politics or they be kept away?

TAB: These tribal men and nationalists are touting of agencies. They every times recite verses of agencies including National Party.

Blv: Can Supreme Court of Pakistan bring in book to felons of Baloch including Akbar Khan Bugti?

TAB: We are disappointed from all institutes and after disparity we announced a bounty of 1 billion head money of rascal Musharraf. It is pertinent to be in formed that we made this announcement after decree of 36 religious scholars (Ulemas) that his killing is virtuous.

Blv: Musharraf has announced to return Pakistan while formation of interim government?

TAB: It is good; he comes and to be killed, because his death is extracting him here.

Blv: Why Supreme Court cannot extradite him from London?

TAB: No one is assisting to Supreme Court, like British government, Interpol our venal Pakistani rulers, either. Supreme Court solely can not do anything.

Blv: You had gestured about Bugti displaced persons?

TAB: I said about Bugti refugees that they are to be rehabilitated and settled to their native areas and they must be paid 0.5 million to each. They face deficit billion or trillion due to displacement, afterward they must be disbursed. Currently, they are to be paid 0.5 million to pull-out from financial dilemma. They also be given right to elect their fair representative.

Blv: Do you know exact number of migrated peoples from Bugti area?

TAB: Their number is above than 0.25 million but accurate numbers can be known when MI and ISI withdraw from Bugti area and relocate people to there.

Blv: Do you have relation with other parties of Balochistan, like BNP-M, BNP-A and NP?

TAB: Those mentioned parties have supported, well wishes of ISI and MI, but we don’t have only it is difference.

Blv: Recently, Gas pipeline project has granted to Iran while Gwadar port control has been given to China, so was your party coincident about these?

TAB: A team of robber, looter has made this pact and China is also an exploiter and looter which always deal invalid way.

Blv: We have not seen any condemnation statement of JWP about these projects in media why?

TAB: We condemn the pact with China and it is a corrupt state like Pakistan. Gwadar deep sea port wouldn’t run by China.

Blv: The people who are living abroad do have confidence in you?

TAB: Brahamdagh and other Baloch leaders, who have imposed self-exile, want international guarantee and normalcy of situations. Means de-deployment of army, FC and agencies. Then we would go to them for mending, Brahamdagh, Khan Kalat and Mr. Mengal. The rulers don’t have credibility, if we peep through history, and then can know what they did with Khan Kalat, Bangalies and others. About Lal Mosque (Lal Masjid) what they had done? They assisnated Akbar Khan Bugti, Benazir Bhutto and sister of Brahamdage and effected many. Consequently, no one can trust in them, if someone does so he/she is non-sense.

Blv: Do you think Brahamdaghe has also the similar agenda?

TAB: Yes, first they accept right of ownership on coast and resources. Here I only see hypocrisy but no sincerity.

Blv: Are you agreeing with Brahamdagh about his demands of freedom?

TAB: No, I am not agreeing on this point because Akbar Khan Bugti never demanded for freedom. But army is required to be divided in clusters, like Punjab rifle, Sindh rifle, Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa rifle and Balochistan rifle, all have equal share in this department, because no one should has ill-intentions.

Blv: People of Balochistan are being coerced extremely; even you are agreeing to live with them?

TAB: You are right, establishment ferociousness with Baloch and in 1999 they threw away Nawaz government, but Punjab will have to make accountable to perpetrators, otherwise we will also struggle for separation. Like Asma Jhangir told if two brothers don’t live together, so let them be separated, by force nothing can be done.

Blv: You don’t think Punjab is falsehood?

TAB: Entire Punjab isn’t falsehood but like Chaudery Shujahat and persons are  and  such people also exist in Balochistan, too even everywhere this kind of people are present.

Blv: To whom you consider conscious?

TAB: Those who are fighting in mountains for rights and sitting in opposition. There are all people in opposition but did not get chance of corruption, all opposition also isn’t honest.

Blv: It is experienced that made promises and tall claims that while reaching to assembly floor will do much but politicians getting MPA and MNA mostly got corrupt, why?

TAB: They have done only for their interests. They don’t care of religion, Balochistan, Pakistan and nothing.

Blv: What do you say about missing persons?

TAB: These persons have been disappeared by FC, and agencies. Culprits must be brought to book without discrimination. In Bangladesh, Sheikh Haseena hanged five army persons for guilt of her father’s murder. Here whosoever has committed must be sentenced.

Blv: The officials don’t progress at all disappearing of people?

TAB: How they profess? Situation is rapidly going to disorder, like Afghanistan and Libya. It is being heard that now begun a series of arresting and releasing for ransom by FC. It is like extortion, and is being practiced by Police. It is implying this that state is going to its end.

Blv: Why they are throwing mutilated bodies?

TAB: They want to terrorize the people.

Blv: These acts are causing antagonism deep and deep?

TAB: International powers are being invited to intervene but they come for their interests only.

Blv: For 1047 days missing person’s organization is protesting but no response from international committee why?

TAB: I am uncertain about existence of Pakistan at all.

Blv: Any message for Baloch?

TAB: Nation should be armed for democratic rights, if Balochistan will succeed democratically, then Punjab wouldn’t have any reservation. In 1963, Malaysia and Singapore were single state but a parted in democratic way. Baloch should continue struggle on long term basis, because in history like Lenon, Houche Minth and other leaders fought or struggled long, then they got fruit of success. Balochs also do same, then possible to succeed but it depends on object circumstances.


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