In the stream of consciousness

By Ejaz Aziz

Your own mother tongue language is the best suitable stream in getting a quality education but ironically, the state affairs are being run in a language that is either not being taught at all or instructed properly to 80 percent of our children. Significance of languages and consciousness about are timely efforts to be taken earnestly that our own language is not equal to another.

The systems must have to be run in the language that is highly comprehensive does not problem if it is a local language because we are behind a system to be implemented that enhance all knowledge and boost up our education in a manner we would be travelling in the same boat those who have firmly developed.

Perhaps everyone feels pity for own mother tongue decline. It is widespread fact that English expanded on our horizons and exposed us to what is being thought, felt and said globally.

Furthermore there is no denying that high quality translations of the world literature into English is dominating a concept that is enjoyed by any translator, doesn’t matter, belong to which language. From the scratch, it is worth mentioning that if we are fully acknowledged about our own local language, then it let us abreast with the diverse shades to our literature and accomplished local writers.atta.jpeg

Every year on 21 February, the international day for languages is being commemorated, in 1948, when Pakistan has declared “Urdu” as her national language, contrary to this Bangali who have a separate language (Bangali) were the citizen of it, has started a movement with much hue and cry that they need their fundamental privileges with the assurance of their language protection as well.

On 21 February 1952, this violent uprising has come with grotesque consequences which were hideous in pure sense. On the spur of moment Pakistan took adds of this to attack on a university there in Dhaka to open fires on students and took the precious lives of few students afterward, when Bangladesh got independence then the sacrifices compelled “UNESCO” internationally to declare the 21 February 1999, to be celebrated as an international day for languages.

 Sadly, Balochi is a language being ignored not only in Pakistan but also in Iran and it would not only sound like conspiracy to say same splintering words let every nation adopts her own language in a way their language to be dominating in the spheres of their society the language, like Balochi contains much interesting literature lagging behind the list of the world’s languages. Languages are being perished, we are being razed and we are being backward, the entire nation is being neglected.

We give due importance to English and most intellectuals say “adopt the English language is the key to become modernized, but sometimes, feel perplexed when I allow my mind recalls the past, if it was so, then how the Chinese, Japanese, French, Germans and to an extent Turks could develop without English.

 In a country, like Pakistan, yet it has been not determined what language to be adopted for the development of education but English is being called the language that brings power, prosperity, privilege and prestige. Undoubtedly, not for all, just for few it is. The most fetching trend among linguistic is that “learn as much as you can but remember not at the cost of your own language”.

Balochi language is one of those to be protected, cherish those accomplished Baloch language writers and poets whose literacy works all the only source for flourishing our language, Atta Shaad, Murad Shair, Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi and some others devoted personalities literacy works to be taken as a path towards brightness of Balochi language. It is very pertinent to acknowledge our generations about our reverend Scholars, writers and poets.

“Atta Shaad’s poetic expression”

“I am never hopeless but always optimistic about the future of my language”

February 13 was the day to be observed as the 16th anniversary of ATTA SHAAD, who born on 13 January 1939, at Turbat Singanisir. Today his each sort of work whether that is his poetry, literacy etc is of the most significant concerns.

It is much heartening that very few of us utterly know about him except some intellectuals, Schalors, writers and poets. A personality like him very rarely boosts up among us and devotes their entire life for the neutralization of specific piece of work that the great legend Atta Shaad Baloch did.  Atta Shaad’s, great contribution initially given Balochi language a place to stands up. Atta Shaad Baloch has kicked the bucket on 13 February 1997, in Quetta the Honor of our poets, writers and intellectuals must be practiced in order to remember them on their anniversary days and every Baloch should initiate timely efforts for flourishing the Balochi language which is trampled with the conspiracy and being neglected at every sphere of life, at last I wanted to quote “learn as much as you can, but your own language must not be at the cost of other, ever give priority to your own language”.


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