Martyred Haji Jan Mohammad Marri-First death Anniversary

By Wahid Bakhsh Baloch

The war for acquisition of independence of Balochistan is being fought by naïve children and reverend of Baloch Nation. 80 years old, reverend Haji Jan Mohammad is also one among the Martyrs, can be concluded a secretive companion of founder Baba-e-Baloch nation Khair Bukhsh Marri. Since 1973, till the last breathe you have been engaged with the struggle of independence and you have been recognized an important member in internal settlement of Marri tribe bloody disputes with Bugti tribe along with Balach Marri. They were well wisher of Baloch Nation to run out internal and external antipathies of them. Martyred Haji Jan Mohammad’s life times mostly went through fire and water to face difficulties, confinement, tortures and violent situations which initially had began a life for him with a patriotic sense to truly love the motherland. Once in 2005, you have been arrested from Quetta by intelligence and confined for many years. In the course of detention you have been brutally tortured physically and mentally in-order to accept concessions and argued to record an unwitting statement against Khair Bukhsh Marri and Balach Marri alongside to give information about Baloch National Army BLA and its funding, camps etc in return of which he to be released and will ever be put forward guards along with bungalows and vehicles but Pakistani intelligence fell through it and Shaheed Haji Jan Mohammad has continuously tolerated the tortures for two years, at-last in 2007, he had been released having the signs of mutilation and his one leg was affected owing to which he was able to walk by assist of a stick.

Haji Jan Mohammad Marri was born on 18th February 1934, in Khulo Balochistan at the home of Haji Mohammad Marri. Kohlo, like other parts of Balochistan is known as the place with army operations when an offspring of slave gets birth will feel the curse of slavery, same is the case, from the scratch Shaheed Haji Jan Mohammad was meeting with inhuman brutalities of establishment, so that he persuaded the thorny ways to accompany the freedom fighters for a independence Balochistan, which he showed with full commitments during the regime of Bhuto and Ayub and fought with rival by heart and soul until his last breath.

In 1982, when Khair Bukhsh Marri along with Marri tribe has immigrated to Afghanistan among which your family was included as well and there have been exiled for many years. It was the time, when Khair Bukhsh Marri and Mir Bajarani Hazar Zandozai differed with each other, then Shaheed Haji Jan Mohammad despite belong to the subclass tribe Marri “Shirani” which has three branches as, Ghazni, Loharani and Bajarani and you were from Loharani during the bloody dispute between them, contrary to being with the chief of your tribe you had devoted yourself for the one who with stands with entire nation, Khair Bukhsh Marri. When Mir Hazar’s son with his insurgents attacked on Khair Bukhsh Marri and luckily Mir Hazar with his plan fell through in this cold bloody attack.

By 1992, Balach Marri returned to new Kahan among which Haji Jan Mohammad was one included. In the movement for freedom of Balochistan, his family has put up with very grotesque perplexities as his son, a Baloch writer, Noor Ahmed Marri has been abducted by the Pakistan forces with unwitting cases registered against him were 23, but all such contemptible acts did not get through and Noor Ahmed Marri set free. Shaheed Haji Jan Mohammad accepted all those sort of aggressive difficulties and consistently fought with rival at length the Pakistan force saw him a gigantic hindrance in front of them, then by hook and crook they tried to keep him away.

On 12th February 2012, this 80 years old aged Baloch national leader has been abducted again in Karachi and has been tortured inhumanly by virtue of being a realistic person and devoted with movement of independence. On 14th February 2012, his mutilated drilled body was found in Vindar district Lasbella along with Bakhsha Bugti and their deaths responsibility was claimed by “Nafaz-e-Aman Balochistan” which continually throwing the dead bodies of Baloch missing persons. Haji Jan Mohammad Marri dead body has been shifted from Vindar to  Uthal Hospital where Murad Marri and Dilbar Marri took the body with them and later they have been abducted by intelligence death squad and their mutilated bodies have thrown in the deserted area of Vindar as well.

Shaheed Haji Jan Mohammad dead body has been shifted to Quetta where a large number of Balochs queued up for reverence to bestow their heads. A sign of burst has been seen fired on his head was transparently visible. After offering the funeral the dead body has been cited to motherland and several youth including the children had saluted his grave with a respectful manner and wrapped it off with a red blue, yellow white flag with a unique star along a bed of roses.

Martyred Haji Jan Mohammad has hoisted the flag very high in the heaven and anywhere today when it comes in sight of state forces hoisting in the heaven with a fetching look start trembling and their eyes get spontaneously dusted. These all are in consequence of those martyrs and loyalty to mother land.

Khair Bakhsh Marri says “Do not let the war to be halter haunt whether fight continuously and consistently and move ahead to with stand till the end, do not let any internal weakness prey it, otherwise lose would be gigantic, Balach is the owner of Balochistan and appropriate way to struggle for its independence is to take guns against guns, despite this there is not any appropriate cure of it, we have to cherish this saying of Baba-e-Marri to be followed.


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