Pak-Iran Gas pipeline: A bunch of disputes

By Ahmed Khan

Long-standing but the controversy project among international powers eventually inaugurated by both counterpart presidents of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari and Mahmud Ahmedi Nijad respectively on 11th of March, 2013. For construction of mentioned pipeline 10 or 15 times announcements were made but due to poke and interests didn’t let implementation on it ground.

The length Iran of gas pipeline from Iran side is 900km and passes through Balochs area, where political dissents exist in armed shape but Iran has accomplished her side pipeline construction work. In Pakistan, it has mentioned 750km by officials, which has to pass through Pakistan administered Balochistani portion. In east Balochistan (Pakistan administrated) has seen four secessionist movements sporadically since formation of this state; the fifth insurgency is going with political and ideological motivations. Baloch Nationalist groups have already opposed this project, even often blow-up state installation or sabotage to value including infrastructure.

Officially figures tell that via this pipeline project 21.5 million meters of gas (760,000 million cubic feet) will be supplied to Pakistan which is gripped in energy crises including political and disorder of situations.

Here it is pertinent to be mentioned that internationally renewed economists have speculated that if this pipeline be limited till Pakistan, then doesn’t viable, so certainly it will be extended to China. Extension to India has feeble chances because of relation with America.

Apparently, Pakistan and Iran are carrying-out project but the clandestinely has pushed by China. India and America are well aware of this plot, consequently are hindering it.

Iranian government made statement for division of Sistan Balochistan into three provinces with intention to root-out Baloch Nationalism in her area. In Sistan Balochistan population is formatting on Sunni Baloch in pre-dominating Shia state. The division of province can spark movements of succession where already an organization “Jundullah” is engaged in sabotage activities.

In South of Iran with bordering area separatist movements of Kurd is being fought for a national state. They are mostly carrying-out activities against Turkey, but possible America turn their direction toward Iran and in East make up-rise of Baloch who are already disgruntled about Iranian policies. By igniting or cashing in favor US can cordon-off strict around rouge state (Declared by US) Iran?

China got Pakistani establishment in hand and it has proclaimed for new doctrine means transfer of army to western part in Balochistan for crushing Baloch separatist movement, because it never allows to real this drafted project. But America and Arab States will come forth to strengthen for sake of interests.

Saudi Arabia and other Arab States are already engaged in Balochistan in arena of sectarian war. They further up-lift funding scale to defeat opponent player dices. In Balochistan, existence is also reverberating Mehadi Malaysia workers.

The situation and policies of international powers are implying that Balochistan may convert in war-zone, and the gas pipeline project fate seems dark. Here’s indigenous people are already leading pitiful lives, further making it a ring of war that undoubtedly deteriorates. But each turmoil covert a movement or change in it. Let see how situation will tilt.


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