Election in Balochistan turns new tyrannical projects…….

By Imamdin Kandrani

Balochistan is lying at South Pole of Asia. Its important geographic location made it a “golden bug”. Deserts and mountains are filed with uncounted natural resources therefore it faces multiple problems.

The political history of Balochistan is purely showing selection for every government (coming and all the previous). From the beginning it has been a great ground for playing game for the politicians to get their benefits like seats, and occupying minerals and resources. Every government looted Balochistan and still looting it with both the hands, because their breeds are being buttered from both sides.

imam-din-new-photoIn general election of 2008, BNP Mengal, JWP, BRP and Pashtoon Khwa Milli Awami Party boycotted due to the situations of that time. Because Akbar Khan Bugti and Balach Marri were assassinated and at that time these above mentioned parties were the vital organs of Balochistan politics and other parties were excluded to be count but the establishment was enabled them to surpass in election.

All the people declared it that it was rigging election; even some cases of rigging were continued till 2012. The body of Balochistan government leveled her time and result is zero. However, once again ground of game is being decorated to play. General public and the mature people of Balochistan decided to refuse the elections. BNM and BRP have also boycotted the coming elections recently, grandson of Akbar Khan Bugti, Mr. Brahamdagh Bugti, obviously stated “we never take part in elections and will never accept the Pakistan domain on our land Balochistan”. He favored the movement of separation. Therefore, Chief of Army assured to election commission to support them in up-coming election.

Analyzing the current political scenario, every journalist can analysis the statement of Army Chief’s. It hits the Balochistan to vote, so once again army will be used to fill the ballet boxes to select the government of Balochistan.

Nobody will be allowed to go in polling stations, expect Army and FC to support the group of pro-Pakistan is. So, finally it seems that Mengal will make the government of Balochistan and once again, this puppet government will level her duration.

After analyzing and carefully looking at overall statefobia. Because the puppet government will help the establishment to abduct the youth of Baloch to weaken ongoing succession movement and Baloch will be receiving the mutilated bodies. If now-a-days Akhter Mengal speaks about mutilated bodies, it’s his policy to gain vote and up his value but fact is this that Baloch have gone for away from the process of election.

The movement of isolation has been rapid and now it only needs to surpass not to emerge. Let’s note the coming bloody and veer of the cruel era’s that what happens, what goes, with remains to re-happen.


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