Forces disperse BNF Rally

Bolan Voice Report

On 27th March Baloch National Front arranged a rally to mark occupation of Balochistan.  The rally had assigned Sariab Road rout.

A great number of activist of Baloch Nationalist organizations were gathered at Degree College and Balochistan University to join rally. Participants were holding banners, palace cards inscribed with slogan in favor of Balochistan freedom. The participants were chanting slogan in favor of nationalist organizations. They appealed international media and Human Rights organization for fair dispensation of responsibilities about Baloch issue.

bnf rally 1Rally participants were passionate and a large number of females were also part of the event.  Rally was on the way to its destination Quetta Press Club when it reached governor house Sariab Road then security officials fired tear gas shell on rally with intention to disperse participant. The tear gas canisters hit crowed due to that several activists got injuries. At the occasion security officials opened aerial firing to spread panic among participants, but ideologically ripped workers remained steady-fasts and continue moving towards destination.

When rally reached at Balochistan square (Sariab Phatik) where FC completely had blocked all ways to Quetta Press Club and no one was allowed to move a single step ahead. At that time rally participants shouted loud slogans and from that venue they sacked peacefully without completing their march.


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