It is better for Baloch people to give-up parliamentary politics: Kachkol Ali Baloch

Baloch young people sacrificed their blood and they have watered the national movement

Interviewed by Namroz Badal

kachkol1Advocate Kachkol Ali Baloch has been political worker and MPA on behalf of Nation Party. After assassination of Baloch Nationalist Leaders; Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch and Lala Munir he has adopted self-extradition in Norway.  After departure from native land it has been felt a great change in his thoughts. Now he openly opposes his party and other parliamentarian Baloch Nationalist parties and declares them opportunists. He admires Baloch resisting groups and considers them genuine nationalist. Bolan Voice has exclusively interviewed him on a critical time to unfold Baloch political dimensions for readers on eve of elections. The interview of Advocate Kachol Ali Baloch is presented here.

(Blv stands for Bolan Voice and AKB stands for Advocate Kachol Ali Baloch)

Blv: Having experience of both international and national politics, how do you   differentiate these?

AKB: For annescation Pakistani politics, all Baloch people are low privileged, and we (Baloch) are economy of Pakistan. We ever have resisted and from beginning the majority of us have not agreed to be party of Pakistan. The Pakistan invaded on our land and has forced to Baloch people. The Baloch people want to be freed from Pakistan and it is the aim and objective of Baloch Politics.

Blv: Why you fled after assassination of Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir and Sher Mohammad Baloch, even you could provide assistance to bring culprit to book?

AKB: I tried my best. I lodged FIR against Brigadier of ISI and mentioned his name in FIR. They threatened me that if did not withdraw from the FIR, they would eliminate me. I managed a press conference, I also gave statement, I discussed these things with bar, but I observed that they persuaded to eliminate me; therefore,  due to threat of my life I  traveled here Norway.kachkol4

Blv: You have spent sufficient time in parliament and do you consider it panacea Baloch’s malady?

AKB: So far parliament is concern, being a political worker and an advocate I consider parliament a great platform, but so far Pakistani parliament is concern, it is tool in the hand of military. According to the book of Dr. Aysha Sidiqua, “Pakistani military corporate and dispels all the authorities, vote, parliament and all these sub-ordinates to military organization”. These all I have observed, parliament in Pakistan is by name but it has no authority. In European states people have authority but in Pakistan Mullah has authority. In Pakistan, both things are democracy and parliament but parliament is powerless for Baloch and it is not beneficial. If Baloch goes to parliament it means they have accepted state. The state is concern, so in past church was the authority in European countries, now in Pakistan the Mullah is authority, therefore, in Pakistan no need of democracy and parliament because including parliament other institutes are powerless and authorities are in the hand of security establishment. Therefore, for Baloch people it is better to give-up parliamentary politics as well as if we be part of the parliament it means we have accepted the state. Being a nationalist we have to resist and we have to not obey the constitution, laws, the policy of a state which is dominated us. The resistance against state is called nationalism; therefore, being nationalist we must not be part of Pakistani parliamentary system. The people who have participated in parliamentary system have wasted our time. The National Party is not a nationalist party in eyes of politicians. National Party was unable to get power of provincial autonomy from federation. And now there are movements which want to be freed from Pakistan and it is requirement of nationalism to be appropriate and independent to meet real nationalism. Now people are fighting for their rights. So far the parliamentarian parties are so called nationalist but not real nationalist.

Blv:     What are your comments about Pak-Iran Gas-pipeline project?

AKB: Iran had gigantic genocide of Baloch people. It is also crime against humanity and international politics. Now feels the other states don’t sit idle. I would like all the Baloch have to convey a message to inter community that Baloch from the beginning have a state, culture, language, image, a background and law. We want to be freed from Pakistan, unfortunately, there are many political parties those are  unfair with movement of BNF, BLA, BRP and other resisting groups which are very useful for Baloch. We should also agitate such things but there are some defects, because sometimes they also do wrong things which are also questionable in the eyes of international laws, kill the innocent person is not a good thing in the western countries I have observed there is strict commitment we should not killing the innocent people but we have some which are informers, they say it is right, but should not harm the innocent people.

Blv: What are your comments about Pak-Iran gas pipeline project?

AKB: When I was a political leader in Balochistan assembly, I raised case and submit a resolution against it, and adopted by Balochistan assembly that the gas pipeline from the Iran Pakistan has been lying on the land of Baloch people and they do not allow the bloody pipeline to be dug down in their land. It is an important issue for the Baloch people. But western countries especially America also not satisfied to allow Pakistan and Iran to complete their project in Balochistan. Western countries have sanction against the Iran to implement the gas pipeline project; Pakistan is maybe sanctioned from those country.

Blv: History teaches that China exploits small nationalities, similarly has looted Saindok project hence, takeover of Gwadar is beneficial for Baloch though your party leader supported it?

AKB: As far Baloch is concerned, Balochistan is colony of Pakistan and we have agitated in assembly, because Pakistan has full output of sustenance from Balochistan and it is 27% or 25% and rest is 75% given to China. It is the importance of Balochistan that Pakistan and China exploit it.

From the beginning we are not a nation because we are colony. I have also raised a statement which appeared in news papers .There is a gas pipeline that is not better for Baloch people because they are intended to keep engage Baloch, the so called leaders we should not hail this project. The resistant movement of BRP, BLA, BLF and other Baloch nationalist forces are the genuine parts of national movement. And by virtue of their sacrifices and their resistance, now the world community internationally recognized that Baloch have land resources and a background of their state they have had. We appreciate these resisting organizations by virtue of their sacrifice the international community ever recognized and I have also raised in Baloch Hall and Malik Siraj, Mehran Baloch and they also raised this thing in Geneva. Pakistan has miseries and has made agreement to the China of the Gwadar Port and Saindok project without consultation, of Baloch people. Therefore, it is the exploitation and Baloch people do not want China to become the power and be used in the hand of Pakistan and exploit the Baloch resources.  This issue has been raised in Geneva before a weak.

Blv: For progress exoneration from religious mandatory, how Balochistan can be protected from immanent religious mess?

AKB: By birth Baloch people are secular and so far religion is concerned, we contently do not control the religion but critically we are secular and Baloch politics should not be mixed up with religion, we got a national state, where our nation will be secular and there must be democracy. So far religion is concerned, it is an individual phenomena, every religious should commemorate either it is christen, a Hindus, this is not the metaphysics.

Blv: Can Baloch get lucidity without having a national state while its land is divided in three countries?

AKB: it was a tragic by imperialist states, especially by great British but there is also tragedy but now people like to discuss disputes. That Iran has planned to rename the Balochistan and at the movement they want to divide the Baoch land and it is called cultural exploitation.

Iran agitates free changing the name of Baloch localities and now she has got to change the word Balochistan. But the Baloch people are in the National Assembly of Iran and they are also with their miseries missiles and they want to damage the Baloch culture. They don’t also allow the people name their children as what they wish. They are bounded to have their children according to the official discussed to attain their children name municipality.

 It is the very dirty role which is being played by the Iranian state, and they are also “Shia” fundamentalist but do not like the Arab, Baloch and Krud, likewise others, the minorities have same positions in Pakistan. In Pakistan, Sunni are in majority and are also eliminating Christian and Shia Hazaras and other minorities, but the western countries of International community should understand the role of Pakistan and Sunni fundamentalists, they and also understand the role of Iran and a Shia fundamentalist state. Both are secular, nuclear capable states. There is no humanity and they are immorally ruling countries.  We do not want to be economy of Iran and Pakistan therefore, it is a struggle that we have to be freed from Iran and Pakistan and this is our national right. Because we have a land of people and they have exploited and they have occupied it forcefully. It is according to the international law we have right to agitate and we should be a state, if we become a state and it would be a secular and there must be rule of law.

Q: How much severely, the Baloch is need of union in current situation?

AKB: As far unity is concerned there are differences politically and ideologically. One person considers or one party considers itself national state. They should also raise sense of nationalism among masses. Nationalism mean, you have to scarifies  yourself for the sake of nation but To the background of our nationalist politicians have exploited the Nation in the same way of as a Mula exploits with the name of Islam  to  gain power. He is not religious person, but he observed and he understands that by the name of Islam he can reach the power.

Now the young generation and Babu Narouz, Akbar Khan Bugti Ghulam Mohd Baloch have also sacrificed them for the land. It is called Nationalism.

Baloch young people sacrificed their blood and they have watered the national movement it is called nationalism. We have to respect their blood and we should ignore the minor defects of that movement and it is also responsibility of the educated People that they have to free the people, they have to preach the people and there are our younger required toil day and night. It is not only duty of Qadeer and Kachkol and convinces them that what is happening with Baloch people, it is called the nationalism.

Blv: How did you feel the politics when you were one of the members of the provincial parliament?

AKB: The real question is that the party has offered me ticket when I was as a parliamentarian political worker. The parliamentary system, I know it makes the people opportunist and made and selfish, we should be freed from the parliamentary system. But majority of us have pressurized that is better for us, we have to participate in. I always tried that we should be a resisting movement and not to be part of government. When Musharraf was president of Pakistan I stated that our party should not be part and parcel of the government but they did not consider me. So far I’m concerned being a political worker I always try my level best to be a real nationalist

Blv: Can you briefly tell us about the philosophy of the west civilization?

AKB: Philosophy of west civilization I have observed and sometimes I have discussed with the European philosopher, they are democrat there are great societies but unfortunately there is lack of nationalism. According to my mind no dirty was in the entire world but unfortunately socialism failed due to its mechanism or works because in western politics now benefiting on the base of democracy and globalization. Their sympathizer I do not like but they are traveling being a society.

Blv: Any message?

AKB: Message is that Baloch people should support the resistance movement and also there are minor defects  and there are deeds, but we should look on the side of their sacrifice by virtue of that sacrifice they have played very crucial role for Baloch land and nationalism. We have to salute their sacrifice we should support the resistance movement. 


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