Why this prejudices so for…?

By Naveed Naik Sayyed Kharan

A religion is the very meaning of humanity, love, care, sacrifice, and devotion. Among all these a gap for unreasonable hatred is something very staggering. Is religion a tool to be unfairly profitable from or is that really the way to have one’s needs fulfilled? Surely its not a business to have all this.

What we currently see is quite eccentric when the two Sunni groups have been at loggerheads since long ago with no obvious reasons except some baseless beliefs. The Barelvis and Deobandies are at daggers drawn since many decades.

NaveedIt’s never about the advantage of Islam but only the self interests of our religious corrupt figures and pseudo-Mullahs at both sides but an easy way to make money with no labor for.

I am quite regretful for our youth have just fallen prey to these frauds that not only split up the Islam, divided the Muslims as well as planted unreasonable extreme hatred in minds of unsophisticated people and are further involved in propagation to inflame the enmity.

This ummah has come as a result of sacrifices of beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Sahaba. Our prophet (PBUH) bore the stone of Taif and difficulty of Uhad for us. We are not spreading the mission of Mahboob Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, rather fighting with each other unknowingly.

The polarization has torn the Ummah and Ummat is away from the way of prophet (PBUH). This article is an attempt to do something positive for it.

Now we realize that, the tussle has somewhat lessen to an extent but not fully as that in the past I remember when both the rivals had set-up their devotees as street fighters to have extreme quarrels on slightest pretexts and it used to be talk of the town for months and the then hatred developed more intense and transformed to next generation. Such uncivilized practices have been and still order of the day.

Let us have glance on similarities that both rivals share indeed.

They share common commandments, rituals, beliefs, religious festivals, ways of Divine worship, and even they follow same school of Aqeeda and are Hanafi. And the differences are not basic rather superficial in nature with respect to Islamic ideology.

Initially the difference was purely personal and historical but with the passage of time this rivalry has included some religio-cultural and some ideological differences of superficial nature and now, the area of controversy is actually to by-product of mistrust, fighting, attempts to malign each other by using ambiguous titles upon another as Bidhati, Gustakh-e-Rasool etcetera. These types of controversies erupted and has been nurtured to gain the public sentiments and to capitalize their support in the favour of their group and to defame the other Ulema of other group. For the sake of fighting or to malign other group, each group presents some Aqeeda differences on the following issue.

It is alleged that Barelvis are following Aqeeda about Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), that.

1. He is “NOOR” that means made of light

2. He is hazir (present in many places at the same time).

3. He is nazir (witnessing all that goes on in the world).

4. He has ilm-e-ghaib (knowledge of the unseen/unknown completely and nothing is hidden).

5. He is mukhtaar kul (having the authority to do whatever he desired).

No serious attempt has been made in recent past to solve the issue. The illustrious Ulemas are silent and middle levels are either silent or fighting. Issue isn’t very complicated but it is projected as complicated and magnified. If someone investigates upto original books of controversy he will understand the real problem very easily in a period of days.

This issue is of urgent need to save our generation, and to give space for those who want to do positive for ummat for this world and hereafter.

In India Deobandi-Barelvi Ulema remain silent on controversial issues and normally there is no open fighting between them and largely remain peaceful. Ulema of both group have compormised and have learnt to live in harmony. But same cannot be said for Pakistan.

Quoting a reference, while delivering a speech on Peace T.V, Dr. Israr Ahmed was asked in question-answer session “whether Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam had ilm-e-ghaib or not and addressing the concern that some Muslims also divided into different groups for this obvious reason.

Answering the question Dr. made a mockery that me Israr never afford to have estimation of the knowledge of Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, just let’s think for a while that weather He had ilm-e-ghaib or not, hazir or nazir, noor or bashar, these really do not matter and aren’t something necessary to discuss or fight on. What really that matters is practice and preaching of Islam which is the ultimate devotion to Almighty Allah and a great service to humanity.

Deobandi-Barelvi difference has been made complex and difficult. But one thing is very clear that it is a baseless rivalry. Both Deobandi and Barelvi are ASHARI-MATURIDI in Aqeedah and Hanafi in Fiqha. Actually it is a cooked issue.

Why Understood Complex?

Now you think what the problem is, so actual problem is that there is no problem!

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