A dream that May become true!

By Hasrat Iqbal

hasrat iqbalFor many months I have been sleepless. Toiled much to sleep but in vain expect an hour or half. Consulted to my Doctor, went to the molovis, and have pilgrim to shrines of saints but found no positive results. In fact one may see plenty of medicines, pills and mascot all around my room but all this was a futile exercise.  Eventually I left going behind sleep and invented several techniques of passing my time in dark nights.

That night something very odd happened to me. There was long lasting break down of electricity. Having an early dinner I was passing my time reading news and texting messages from twitter on my mobile phone. I was so much bored that I fell asleep. In my dream I see the dawn of 11th may. It is the general elections day in Pakistan. Rush and pressure horns of the vehicles wake me up. People look energetic happy and have a lots of hope in their eyes. Everybody is moving towards polling stations to cast his vote. It seems as if a new history is going to be made this day. Me, too get together with a huge flock of people and after a lot of penetrations in queues I push myself to a polling booth and finally I cast my vote.

In the evening up to 8 0,clock the election results are gradually initiated to announcements and Baloch nationalist parties B. N. P- M,  BNP- Awami  and National Party  win a lot of seats both in National and provincial assemblies. Within a few days Baloch nationalist parties form government in Balochistan assembly in majority.

I keep dreaming: After taking oath and getting charge of his office as the Chief Minister, in his first speech from provincial assembly, Sardar Akhtar Mengal stunned everyone, Orders to release all the missing Baloch persons. Ensures masses to get the charge of Gawader deep seaport project from China and federal government and hand it over to Baloch, Orders to pay off all the previous royalty debts of Sui gas. Demands land rent and share from Pak- Iran gas pipeline project for people of Balochistan. Frontier corps and army are reined back and are made accountable to the government. At the end of his speech he promises to hang the murderer and killer of Akbar Khan Bughti.

In a few days his hard work starts bearing fruits. The small population of Balochistan gets relief from inflation. There remains no jobless youth in Balochistan. No one dares to exploit masses. Merit is ensured in every walk of life. Freedom of expression has no ban. Media in Balochistan is not restricted by government. Oppressed nations are given equal rights. People feel proud of their leaders and democracy and no one seems to be complaining from government.

After spending 13 years in prisons and torture cells Meer Ali Asghar Bangulzai is released. Zakir Majeed, Dr. Din Muhammad Baloch including thousands of missing Baloch persons are freed one by one. Opponents of Akhter Mengal have nothing to criticize about and laud him for his policies as he avenges no one politically. He meets all his promises releasing Baloch missing persons.

Meanwhile, I proceed to take a photograph of Zakir Majeed and Dr. Din Muhammad Baloch. As I press the button of my camera for a photograph, the sound of the camera flush wakes me up.

Drenched in sweat I opened my eyes; spread my hand for my mobile phone. I saw Faisal’s tweet that ‘’ Ministry of interior has banned Baloch Students Organization Azad and a Sindhi nationalist Party ‘’ and I my sleep fled away again.

The writer is staff writer of the Bolan Voice and holds masters degree in Mass Communication from University of Balochistan. He can be reached at hasratiqbal76@yahoo.com


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