Casteism; a shit concept!

By Naveed Naik Sayyed, Kharan

Social, racial, tribal and castial classifications have been part of human history since the very first naveedday. But as with the course of time in the societies, awareness and consciousness started to develop, these evils were utterly rooted out by a particular group of enlightened people. As the matter is not over yet while parts of the world still witness classification and our society is obviously one of those under spotlight with the worst type of all classifications.

Baloch by nature are extremely devoted to free-man idea. Neither like themselves to be dominated nor wanna like others to be under their domination. But as for we need to glance back at that side of unexposed historical scene when the concept of slavery began to flourish in our society. Looking back through past ages we find the foreign invaders as founder of slavery and then classification in our society. It was then, when one after another foreign invaders like the Alexander of Greek, the Alexander of Persia, the Ghaznavids, the Sasani, the Arabs, the Mongols, and specially above all the Britishers raided Baloch land, started oppression and ruling them considering slaves but we should say the oppressed indeed. They also opted their puppets in the guise of pseudo Nawabs, Sardars, Meer etc, instead of caring the demarcatic process of Jirgah or concerning the opinion of common people.

The obvious reason for the classification or slavery is the ultimate colonial policy of Divide and Rule by the imperial forces in our society. When eventually the foreigners had no way to continue the domination and it became inevitable for them to withdraw. They then left their figureheads to rule people. This way anyone related to the ruling class considered themselves superior to others.

Now after centuries we still can see the germs left by the foreigners and our people are divided into different classes, as the nonsense terms fixed for some castes like Naqeeb, Golaam, and etcetera.

Perhaps i ain’t wrong to declare that we haven’t yet touched the wave of enlightenment or either it is considered the matter of self dignity to deliberately accept the classification by some

pseudo-high-ranking castes and tribes. As like that of Arabian and Indian societies in past to protect their fake originality weren’t ready to lose their royalty and accept egalitarianism on the basis of racial, castial and social equality. Same is the case with our society presently.

Today when rest of the world having humanistic approach but we are the participants in a contest, conducting competition of castial and tribal ranking and classification. We find it quite boastful to proud on our castes and tribes and are very keen to have wall-chalking describing  ur tribal status with snootily words like Fakhr-e-Jellani, Farkhr-e-Essazi et cetera. It is carried in such a way like intending to violate the respect and dignity of others around.

This snobbish stance had mutilated the positiveness of our society. People are enwreathing by every fossil standpoint like superiority and inferiority.

CasteismHow sad is that when some people in our society are considered inferior and socially degraded. And those underestimated individuals planted in their minds a sense of inferiority complex and regard other subconsciously superior to themselves just simply handing over their self-will and freedom in the hands of so-called superior class and this way become slaves and overlook their own existence.

This is what regretfully the gloomy picture of our society where people are bewildered to seek their social status despite living in a religious society and even if we see Islam is totally against classification and yet Quran says “All men are equal except Taqwa.”

Along with a Hadith describing regarding, “All mankind is from Adam and Eve. An Arab has no superiority over a Non-Arab nor does a Non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab. Also a white has no superiority over a black nor does a black have any superiority over white except by piety and good action.”

Something like classification, the sense of inferiority complex, underestimation, and social degradation are the obvious factors to kill the talent, creativity and badly affect the positive production of a society in large and devoid those particularly victimized classes from social status.

On what basis any family, tribe, caste or community claim themselves superior in blood, status, value, or race? What traits, attributes, characteristics, or qualities distinguish them superior to others or what ills shortcomings, defects viles, evils and foules differentiate anyone inferior to others?

What the hell this concept refers to actually, we could find no meaningful answer so for…

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  1. ikram baloch

    keep it up my dear

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