Corruption means end of justice, peace and progress

By Mahnoor Hoth Baloch, Turbat

It is one of the hot button issue, which not only Jeopardized our government but also endangered every institution of third world countries such as’ India, Pakistan, Bangladesh in South Asia, Congo, Sudan and Egypt in Africa, Iraq, Yemen, Libya in middle east.

Hence, the menace of corruption has spread like a chronic disease in every not and corner of the world. Therefore, this means of corruption has to be wield with an iron first before it germinates its roots further in the body politics of our country.

However, corruption means inducement by improper means by violates duty. It is destroying someone’s honesty or loyalty. Moreover, corruption has acquired epidemic proportions in a vast number of countries. Civil society is carousing to address the issue in many places. No government organization such as transparency international provides websites full of information on cross country corruption indices.

Patently, the menace of corruption which is spreading like a chronic disease has paralyzed every institutions and industries of third world countries. It is negatively associated with developmental objects everywhere opportunistic bureaucrats and politicians who try to maximize their take without regard for impact of such perdition. The menace of corruption has destroyed every institution of the world, particularly, third world countries. Corruption has topped much democratic government in the past. It has dismantled the long lasting regime of Zain-ul-aahidin bin Ali Tunisia, Ali Abdullah Salehi of Yemen, Husn-e-Mubarik of Egypt and Moammar Qadhifi of Libya. Hence, corruption influenced everywhere.

According to a survey released by Berlin-based Transparency international last year in the Nepalese Capital Kathmandu showed corruption has become so, endemic that the region is second only to Sub-Soharan Africa as the corruption hot spot of the world. The survey, entitled “Daily lives and corruption public opinion in south Asia” found 62 percent of the south Asians believed that corruption has got worse over the past three years. Therefore, the Asian development Bank said, corruption and lack of government accountability were the greatest buriers to Asia the becoming the world’s wealthiest region by 2050. Hence, it is corruption which is the main hurdles in the development and progress of a country. International Organization can play a vital role to control corruption. They can order various institutional initiatives to address the problem such as, granting of subsides, soft credits, tax exemption and inflated pensions and allowing of tax evasion, implementation of price control.

Strengthen institution and emancipate them form mal-practice such as corruption, subversion, bribery, dishonesty, nepotism and injustice.

Moreover, a clear signal from international community would be sent if it withdrew financial support from egregiously corrupt countries, pressures could also be brought to bear by pulling out from corrupt industries. Corruption is a specific industry often relates to rules that inhibit completion in state dominated sectors. It results from practices that obscure procurement procedures.

Therefore, it is the time of real change; let’s fight a war against corruption. Let’s hold our hands together and say not to corruption. Let’s root out corruption from every nock and comer of our institutions and emancipate them from mal-practice activities such as inequity, immorality, injustice and unfairness, than we can called a great entity in the comity of nation.


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