Deprivation of education in Balochistan

By Haroon Karim

Education is the Formal process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated Knowledge, skills and rules from one generation to another. Balochistan, which is the neglected province of Pakistan, faces several major problems for education. Since Balochistan has been a part of the establishment, only shallow glances have been given over the education of the province.

The province has low literacy rate with low income of budget, lack of schools buildings. It suffers from, paucity of trained teachers and very poor arrangement of Govt or political parties for the elementary education.

Balochistan, which is the poorest province of Pakistan, is preserving lowest ratio of literacy country wide. Its education sector budget of 2012-13, is only 12% of total budget.

Undoubtedly, the province also has the smallest number of education institutions. The number of inter colleges for male are (40) and for female are (22). The number of degree colleges for male is (24) for female (11). Overall the numbers of colleges in Balochistan are 97. There are 665 high schools, 487 for male and 178 for female. It’s a fact that among 665 high schools more than 300 schools teachers are not trained and more than 150 high schools teachers are out of in schools. And near about 130 schools suffer from paucity of staffs.

Moreover, today in remote areas of Balochistan, you can not find school buildings, particularly in Dera Bugti and Bolan side where we can’t find any ratio of education. Others rural areas mostly many children end their education after passing primary education. And what they can do, for the elementary education they face difficult challenges then what about higher education.

It is shocking that in 21st century still we suffer in deprivation of education. A saga said “if someone wants to destroy an entire nation, so never demolish by weapons but keep nation uneducated it will get ruined” the same process is being applied in Balochistan. People must be educated but not to be blind.

In addition, how can this nation progress when it has more check posts than Government high schools, more garrisons than universities and more funds for extermination rather than training?  Neither Government nor political parties tried to plan for the elementary education and responsible for the outdated education in the province. Because it focuses more on the resources of the province than the education. So, this is the frustration that the education of the province has been kept one side, and they did just for their own demands. It is the humble request to the authorities to bring compulsory education in the province.


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