Division of Sistan Balochistan

By Basheer Ahmed Ijbari

ijbariSistan Balochistan is one of the neglected but largest provinces of Iran, lies in the southeast of the country. The provence Sistan Balochistan covers area of 178,421 km and caters population of 2.4 million. Recently we have known through print and electronic media that the federal Government of Iran has decided to divide it into three provinces which is very painful report for Baloch Nation, because it exposes Iran’s ill-intention that she wants to eliminate Balochistan name from its map at all.

Actually, Iran can’t accept Sistan Balochistan, because the Balochs of Sistan are religious and conventionalist, even they are engaged to persuade and bring back together those who abnegated their religious sect and conventional norms. Their scholars, youth and nationalists are struggling for protection of religious dogma, culture and for this they are facing many problems and hurdles. More than 20 prestigious scholars were killed by anti-Sunni and many employers were executed publically, and thousand of youth were killed by Iranian forces.

If we see about this cruelty, this brutality is escalating from a long time by sistan balochistanIranian Government, but we did not see repercussions by Sistan’s Baloch. They couldn’t take any action against Iranian government, they are being killed without any reason, it should be asked to state authorities. They can’t show any deep concern to these things. It is our own fault that today we Baloch are facing difficulties, Iran must not eliminate the Sistan Balochistan name, because it is significant part of history, it is not suitable for her, because history tells Sistan Balochistan is renewed province of Iran. It is totally unacceptable skated for Sistan dwellers that their land be divided into three parts.

What I thought and felt it is a very big threat for Sistan masses, they bear many hardships but this division issue isn’t apt for three parts of Sistan, because the majority of Suni in Iran are residing in this province. It is impossible to persuade the scholars, undoubtfuly they are not consented for division of Sistan because already there is a resisting Organization in Iran named JundUllah. It struggles for subsist of religion and culture. They want Islamic revolution in Iran, specifically in their Baloch area as Sunni dogma. They are also saying that they are not getting their rights as compare to other provinces. Their Provence is unequal in every facility. They are deprived of everything. It is their right, so they are struggling for triumph in their goal.

This crisis to have already occupied in Sistan Balochistan, but now division plan is running in Iran. The future of Sistan Balochistan looks very dismal, because if Iran removes the Sistan Balochistan name, then it will be vanished from history and there’s Baloch will be anonymous.

In Iran there was province named “Khurasn”. It was divided into three portions on September 29, 2004. The division was approved by Iran parliament on 18 May 2004, the majority of Khurasanian population apprises on Baloch but today no one knows about them, because it was removed from history and it is denounced. The Khurasanian Baloch did not take any action against Iranian parliament’s decision. It was the right of Khurasani people but till today no one can’t see any statement from khurasanian intellectuals, so today same plot of division is going to be applied on Sistan Balochistan. Iran also wants to discard Sistan name, but some people denounced grim act. Yar jan Baloch from Sistan has said, “they never allow it to be divided, it is our motherland and the word Sistan was added to it later, any one is planning to remove the word, is our enemy”. Further he said, “the division of Khurasan is an instructive example for us”.

Nabi Dad Baloch from Sistan said, “I violently condemn division of Sistan and appeal to Iranian government and interior ministry not to divide it into three parts; it is a large and dense populated province of Iran”.

Writer can be reached: bashirijbarri@yahoo.com


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