Haq Nawaz Baloch also embraced martyrdom

By Naeem Ahmed Jamaldini

It was 22nd of February 2013. I got up early in the morning on my daily basis, offered prayer haq-nawaz-balochwhile taking breakfast; suddenly my brother shared news with us. Actually my brother had received a message that Haq Nawaz Baloch has passed away in Karachi. We didn’t believe in this received message by my brother. After authentication of this received news from their relative, we all were confirmed concerning the martyrdom of Shaheed Haq Nawaz Baloch. We couldn’t take tea. My all body benumbed. Everyone was deploring for “martyred Haq Nawaz Baloch”. Martyred was the former president of BSO-Azad Noshki Zone. Three years ago, he was termed as outlaw and criminal then martyred left urbanized life to mountain on the source of his ideological ripeness. He was very nimble, sharp-witted, sincere and confident. He was a very fast freedom lover. He aimed to counter the rival at any cost. He fought tooth and nail, at length spilt his blood for the freedom of Balochistan. Martyred was avid for shedding his blood in the interest of his disfranchised sisters, brothers and mothers.

Gone were the days, when martyred was in mountains, his mother was often using a word “Boro” for him. “Boro” is an attractive and polite word being used in Balochi language for love mean dear. This word is often used by sister for their brothers, and mother uses this word for their son. Coming back to the point, his mother would say “my Boro hasn’t taken dinner”. What would be my “Boro” doing this time, whether my “Boro” sleeps at night or not? These were few questions which were needed to be answered by his sons. One night all had slept, suddenly the corpse of martyred Haq Nawaz Baloch was brought to the resident. One of his brothers told his mother, that you were asking about your “Boro” every day this is your “Boro”. Your dear has been brought before you. The sudden bringing of dead body of martyred Haq Nawaz Baloch further injured the feelings of his mother. His mother fainted in the spot.

She couldn’t tolerate to see his Boro on this ghastly condition. It was really vitriolic news for everyone in Noshki even for all Balochs. After three days of his martyrdom, I saw his downloaded pictures from internet, dropped tears from my eyes. I became awfully dole sane. Because it was his age of enjoying I recalled his oft-quoted tell “everyone should struggle for the emancipation of his motherland to the level of his/her potency”. Martyred was buried in his native graveyard, two flags of Balochistan were hoisted by his grave, and one flag was spread on his grave. After few days, forces had come, cordoned off the graveyard area, even cordoned off Badini Killi from all sides. According to the villager that forces had burnt the flags of his organization.


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