Stirring the fire up

By, Aziz Ejaz

No doubt,  uncertainties  are wrapping up globally and escalating in a way syria-epathat is condemnable which has almost broaden its anxious flames around the world that keeping some of the countries in troubles and chaos, how to triumph over in the strangling stormy uncertainties which have been the worst among the middle east countries  including  labia, Palestine, Egypt and Syria. Since two years an uprising has angrily intensified in those countries that in consequence have almost overthrown the tyrannies of some countries, ruling for more than few decades were among the ruling monarchs and some other countries became obligated to implement reforms in their policies in order to permit it be less sentimental for the prospect of their sovereignty. Much uproar across the world escalating being heard on televisions and by else means disconcerting is the most hurdles. Such a sort of problem has uproariously kept Syria’s government in a pandemonium that how to trounce it now which has taken entire country under the claws of very sadistic outrages unintentionally.

It is worth mentioning that this dismal unrest emerged in March 2011 and up to till now has taken virtually the lives of 70,000 individuals outrageously. By the passage of time the vicious dispute between Bashar Al Assad’s armed forces and rebels intensified and even though currently there have been a report that Syria has used chemicals over the citizens under locking the country in a intimidating fear, on the other hand the figure of losing the precious lives to be sustained ahead, where as the opposite group struggling day and night to put an end to the regimes of president Bashar Al Assad is the next side of coin.

This already fueled fire is going to be more intensifying by each passing day which is egregious and much antagonistic as residents will feel more unsteadiness and instability. Such sorts of insurrection in front of a harmony is an immense bottleneck soon after to be dealt with very enlightened moderated thoughts but unfortunately this has been a question remains unanswerable nationally or internationally to those responsible concerned authorities, try for pursuance of settling the most violent eruptions in the form a contravention.

israeli hit on syriaSyria which has trapped a fire of uncertainty, frustration and instability has been attacked by twin airstrikes of Israel in its capital Damascus on Friday May 2013, which is more treacherous than the bloody civil war raging in Syria while Syria Blamed Israel for Fiery  Attacks over its soil and  Saying, it “opened the door to all possibilities,” as fear spread  throughout the region that the country’s civil war could expand beyond its borders and despite that it has been condemn by Arab league and some other countries as well arguing for expedite notice over it. Contrary to this Israel has claimed it was a campaign to prevent the Syrian government from transferring weapons to Hezbollah, the Shiite militia and political party in neighboring Lebanon that is one of Israel’s most dangerous foes. This arm shipment from Iran to this proscribed organization passing through Syria is a great menace for the region, said by Israeli officials.

According to a report Israeli aircrafts hit a military target outside capital and residents of the affected area has said that soon after the attacks it felt like an earthquake tremor  and turned the sky red in dark night.

What for these sort of aerial assaults point toward and why the EU and the United States don’t proceed to restrain Israel and bring it on to a negotiation table, if it is according to the claims than there must be another way to come out from it for the cause of citizens lives, if it is not so then do you think is not a kind of human rights violation has been committed across the world by Israel?.

Where the international laws stand up today to take foremost measures against such outstanding bad act widening the gap of hindrance and solidifying the already solidified issues. No international body seems much concerned so that various outrages palpitating the world peace are owing to those organizations had taken ought under the shadow of that charter has been signed internationally to endeavor with last gulp of air to assure the safety of people.

Analysts said, they did not see the air assaults as the opening of a new war front, or as an attempt to prop up the Syrian rebels against the Syrian government. Rather, they tended to see it more as an extension of the long-running “shadow war” against Iran and Hezbollah, a tit-for-tat of terror attacks and assassinations that has lengthened over decades and around the world.

If you think, a tit-for-tat then who will come to renovate the stretched uprising taking the lives of innocents worldwide.

 Unequivocally, here comes a question perplexes, if the weapons are being transferred via borders to borders for the prestigious purposes of those organization to slain the people, first why not united nations take firm action against Israel responsible killing of  thousands of people in the territory and Gaza strip of Palestine.

It has been said weapons were about to be destined for Hezbollah , to halt it there was not any approach except air assaults and the shipment of arms to be restrained is of the utmost concerns not an infringement or killing of people because she is ‘’ second face of uncle Sam’’ can do anything curious by paving a way likewise as the first face has did it by attacking Iraq and labia presently beyond the approach of cognition.

The research center at JAMRAYA, North West of DAMASCUS has said in a report that this new Israel air aggression is a clear attempt to alleviate the pressure on the armed terrorists group after our army victories on the road to recovering security and stability in Syria.

Information Minister, Omran alzohbi said at a press conference that Israel’s air airstrikes violating the international laws and was tenaciously reviled by Syria while the UN Security Council repeatedly said to impede such attacks which are undoubtedly opening the doors of hatred feelings worldwide.

The International community and concerned laws implementing organizations are equally behind an antagonism to blaze the fires and frail Syria by not intervening to resolve the problems. The official SANA news agency said ‘’ this assault from Israel proves that the direct involvement of the Israel occupation in the conspiracy against Syrian and its links with terrorists group in the aggression supported by western and gulf countries. When Eu and some other countries especially America was not in fever of colonel Ghadafi’s regime in labia so they razed it drastically on the whole and later on left it with a blazing fire and aggression behavior from Israel is in backgrounds to halt the transference of advanced weapon systems or chemical weapons to Hezbollah  and frequently warned Hezbollah is fighting  a war in the region by the supplement of those  weapons and has claimed the organization and Iran have steadfastly backed the regime of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad since the uprising against it erupted in march 2011 in this hostility blowing up indicates the US green light according to Iran’s defense minister , farther saying that it unveils the links between the terrorist  mercenaries and their masters of the Zionist regime , above all mentioned proceedings indicate towards a link between rebels and some foreign hands want to violently add fuel on the fire of Syria in the form of attacks to keep the region in belligerence.

The rebel “Free Syria Army” fighting against Assad’s regime says their country is already under daily attacks by regime aircraft so bombing from Syria and Israel over the country is losing of citizens who are being bombed every day.

Writer is the sub-editor at monthly Bolan Voice (magazine) Balochistan and can be reached at,


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