Al-NAKBA, Palestinian evacuation

By Aziz Ejaz

Al-NAKBA, historically allows anyone get the secrets of Palestinian exodus calamity. This takes Palestine-Al-Nakba Day1back to past and disclose what so were beyond the upheavals had compelled approximately 711,000 to 725,000 Palestinian Arabs resident left, fled or were expelled from their homes. Al-NAKBA, an Arabic word means “Cataclysm”, “catastrophe”, or “disaster”.

This devastation which began a war two centuries ago was the series of uncertainties accompanying by dispossessions of original residents and aggressive conflicts that still endures.

Mostly Al-NAKBA refers to the period of war between Arab and Israel in 1948 but historians say intentionally that this catastrophe of Palestinian exodus began back in 1799, when Napoleon’s attempted their advancement into Palestine to check expansion and his appear to the Jews of the world to reclaim their land in league with France. This was the time Ottoman Controlling over Palestine outside the walls of Acle, when an army under the supervision of Napoleon Bonaparte, who has a beneficial role in French Revolution, besieged the entire city and this expansion of the army was to defeat the Ottomans and establish a French presence in the region as well for the expansion of the Jews. By the passage Napoleon Bonaparte issued a letter submitting Palestine as a homeland to the Jews under French protection and called on the Jews to “rise up” against those who want to subjugate them by their mission of occupation. This appeal from Napoleon’s was widely shown but ultimately they have been defeated by Ottoman’s and in Acle, today a statue of Napoleon atop a hill is situated. Unfortunately this catastrophe and upheaval from Napoleon’s for a Jewish homeland did not die, 40 years later; the same plan of cataclysm was revived by the British. On 19 April 1936, the Palestinians residents instigated a national strike to protect against Mass Jewish immigration which was being seen supervised by Britain’s alliance with the Zionist Movement over on the soil of Palestinian’s Arab.

The British force responded in vicious ways and during this escalation of disaster prolong for almost six months of the strike, over 190 Palestinians have killed and more than 300 wounded. Being suspicious about an uprising in the region in compulsion, Arab leaders decided to call the Palestinian to end the strike as showing an antagonistic upheaval and Palestinian leaders hooked to pressure from the Arab heads of state and agreed to meet the British Royal Commission of inquiry being headed by Lord Peel.

According to the records and historian in July 1937, the Peel Commission which has dealt the discussion later recommended the petition of Palestine which was a brutal act and discloser of British interests for expanding of Jewish immigrants in the soil of Palestine.

Aforementioned commission has finally drawn the frontiers of a ‘Jewish’ state in one-third (1/3) of Palestine, and an Arab state in the remaining two-third (2/3) to be merged with Transjordan, a British protectorate established in April 1921, a passage of land from Jerusalem to Jaffa would remain under British Mandate.

This was openly against rules and laws as mentioned by Palestinian and a revolt continued with an energetic response from residents. Britain’s response towards protestors toughened between 1936 and 1937. The British forces killed over 1,000 Palestinians; 37 British military police and 69 Jews also died.

In the late 1800s a small, fanatic movement called “Political Zionism” began in Europe by the goals to create a Jewish state somewhere in the world, has played its utmost role in creation of a Jewish state in a territory of another state today known as Israel. During 1800s the populations of Palestine was approximately ninety six percent non-Jewish (primarily Muslim and Christian) and over decades Zionist leaders accompanying by British force used various strategies to accomplish their goal of taking over Palestine. The population in percentage is as below; when it was fully a free state by the name Palestine.

Muslims –   86%


Jewish –     4%

In the 1930, Jewish land ownership had enthusiastically increased from approximately 1% to Just over 6% of the land and vi0lence had increased as well with the emergence of several Zionist terrorist gangs that later escalated the growing violence and culminated on Israel’s ruthless 1947-49 war of independence, in which many men, women and children from Palestine were expelled from their homes. This massive humanitarian disaster is known as “the catastrophe” Al-NAKBA in Arabic.

This injustice from Israel continues over the 60 years since Israel’s foundation in May 14, 1948 and Palestinian refugees are the largest remaining refugee population in the world. Recently, Palestinian marked the 65th anniversary of this evacuation which is most aggressive and absurd. Palestinians are the worst target of violation since the formation of Israel without any solid intervention of the international community.


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